Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 441

The foreign lady walked steadily but swiftly, her tight bodysuit showing off her svelte figure.

"You witch, you dare to face me without a gun? Ill take you down right now!" screamed Shi Xiao's man, sweat dripping off his forehead as his young brave soul gave him the courage to face her.

She flipped him off without a word.

The man went mad, fuelled by the thought that they were all going to die anyway. His only goal raging in his mind now was to bring this woman down with him!

The man roared and ran towards the lady, raising his fist to land a blow on her head.

Before the man could even get within a foot of her, a dark shadow whizzed past him. He heard the sound of the breeze before he registered a sharp pain in his jaw. Like a broken kite, he fell down and crashed into a steel pillar, causing a loud noise.


The man was trying to get up from the ground but had no strength to even prop himself up. His face was full of blood and his teeth were smashed in as well, causing him to not be coherent.

The foreign lady gently brought her foot down from the kick, expressionless.

Her victim did not see anything but Xiong Zhi and Shi Xiao were spectators to the whole scene. Before the man could even close in, the lady had unleashed a quick and powerful front kick right smack on his jaw with a force so great that they had no doubt she was professionally trained!

"That was probably a taekwondo kick...but for a woman to have such force and accuracy...how rare!" Shi Xiao mumbled, his eyes shining in fascination and terror at the same time.

Throughout all these years, Shi Xiao had learned most of the killing techniques and he recognized some good skills in her execution. However, if it had been him, he would still be able to take her down. Unfortunately, there were numerous guns pointing at them right now, and the consequences would be deadly if he acted carelessly!

"I dont need a gun to kill you, I just need my hands," repeated the lady, walking behind the man expressionless, and without giving the man a chance to say anything, she wrapped her forearm around his neck and choked him to death.

The other man on Shi Xiao's team went pale, not daring to say anything and trying his best not to attract any attention.

"Hahaha, pigs being pigs! Alice holds a red belt in taekwondo! Idiots, stupid pigs!" the bald man laughed.

"Firo, its red-black belt, not red!" corrected the lady.

"Oh...my dear Alice, my bad, its red-black belt. That's better than red, and you'll be getting your black belt soon! Youre right!" the bald man said apologetically.

"What do you guys want?!" Xiong Zhi could not hold it in anymore and yelled at them.

"Hahaha, dont rush, I want to play an interesting game with you dumb pigs," said the bald man, signaling the duo in front of him.

Soon, the two foreign men took out two heavy boxes, putting them beside Xiong Zhi and Shi Xiao.

"What does this mean?" Shi Xiaos brows closed in.

"It's simple, there are some guns inside. They are fairly difficult to recognize and if you get one wrong, Ill kill one of you. Fair game," the bald man shrugged.

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