Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 442

At that point, Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi understood that these foreigners were treating them as entertainment, like a cat playing with a mouse before finally ending its life.

"What if we are able to recognize them?!" Shi Xiao asked.

"Recognize them?" The bald man obviously had not thought about this.

"Oh, if you guys are able to recognize them, then you get to stay alive for a little while longer, and youll continue to look at more guns. I think eventually therell be guns that are unfamiliar to you, hahaha!" the bald man laughed triumphantly.

Although inside them was a storm raging with fury, they had to cooperate with these men and try to buy themselves more time. Otherwise, they might be killed immediately if they did not comply!

But the moment Xiong Zhi and Shi Xiao opened the box, they were both dumbfounded.

They had totally no clue what the firearms in the box were called. More specifically, they had never seen any of them before!

"This" Shi Xiao felt helpless.

"What now? Cant you recognize them? Hahaha, we'll play by the rules, so Ill start off by killing one of you." The bald man raised his arms and aimed his gun at Xiong Zhi, then as if indecisive, he moved it to point at Shi Xiao, and he repeated this a few times

Suddenly, a voice appeared from out of nowhere inside the arsenal.

"Ill do it," Ning Xi announced, going up to the box.

The foreigners were surprised by Ning Xis appearance as they had not detected her presence and had no idea how she got in here...

Apart from the foreigners, Xiong Zhi and Shi Xiao were shocked as well. This woman...how did she get in here?!

"You?!" Shi Xiao stared at Ning Xi in anger. Finally, he yelled, "How in the world did you get in here?!"

Ning Xi ignored his roaring and focused on the guns instead, her face mesmerized by the firearms.

"Xiong Zhi, whats up with this woman!? You brought an actress here at such a crucial moment?! Whats wrong with you?" Shi Xiao roared at Xiong Zhi.

Xiong Zhi was confused by what had happened as well. He had no inkling that Ning Xi had been here all along.

"Did she think that it was all an act? Damn it! Tell me, did she think that this was all an act!?" Shi Xiaos face darkened.

"I dont know...she followed me on her accord in secret!" Xiong Zhi tried to explain.

"Bastard!" Shi Xiao cursed, then threw a glare at Ning Xi, "Youre just an actress, what do you know? Get lost!"

"You...do you want to die?" Ning Xi suddenly spun around to face him and gave him a chilling stare.

"Hahaha, conflict within your own team, great! I like it, give me more!" the bald man said in excitement.

"Poor things, fear made them lose their minds," the foreign lady said coldly.

"Her answers don't count, Ill do it!" Shi Xiao had no choice but to do it. How could he put their lives in the hands of this stupid actress? She might really think that this was all an act!

The bald man shook his head, "No, no, no. She already said she was going to do it. If you want to change the person who will answer now, Ill take it as a forfeit and kill one of you."

Shi Xiaos nostrils flared in frustration as he stared at Ning Xi fiercely and imagined killing her with his bare hands right now.

He could not understand why would his charismatic boss, the great Lu Tingxiao who convinced him to swear his loyalty, fall in love with this stupid actress!

Ning Xi ignored Shi Xiao and casually picked an exquisite pistol out of the box. She confidently spouted, "Austrian Glock 17 pistol, exclusively used by the Austrian military. Total length 185 millimeters, around 600 grams in weight, and if Im not wrong, the barrel length should be 114 millimeters. The magazine can load up to 17 bullets, and it has a shooting range up to 72 meters."

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