Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 444

He was the game master here, so he made the rules.

Shi Xiao's man glared at Ning Xi, "If...if we manage to leave this place alive...Ill skin you alive!"

"Hahaha, I really love seeing you pigs fight among yourselves, but you dont get a say whether you can leave here alive or not! Now, if you dont want to die, then continue the game!" the bald man chuckled coldly.

Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi clenched their fists tightly and felt helpless. Under the current circumstances, they could only pray that reinforcement was on the way, and if boss Lu Tingxiao had no idea about this at all, then all of them would surely die here!

Ning Xi looked calm and did not seem to be affected by Shi Xiaos group of men or the bald man. She looked through the box and casually picked up another gun.

"What an old gun. It seems like youve prepared well for this game," Ning Xi said calmly.

The bald man did not say anything and just smiled as he stared at Ning Xi.

"I dont believe that you can recognize this pistol," declared the lady, Alice, who was standing in front of the bald man.

Ning Xi suddenly looked up and locked her sights on Alice, "Youre right, I dont recognize this pistol."

Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhe felt a sharp chill shoot down their spines even though they expected this to happen.

"You damned witch, Ill kill you!"

Shi Xiao's man was exasperated and nearly lost all reasoning. He was going to die because of this actress. Everything was this actresss fault!


As the man charged towards Ning Xi, a spark exploded from the gun in the bald mans hand, destroying the floor tiles right in front of the man. Shards of broken tile flew everywhere, and the sound of the gunshot was as loud as thunder, striking fear in the hearts of those present.

"Your life isnt up to you right now. The decision lies with me! You will die if I decide that you should die. Do you want to break my rules now, stupid pig?!" the bald man grinned and stared at Shi Xiao's quivering man.

The mans senses came back and cold sweat poured from his forehead. He shook his head in terror and backed off immediately without saying anything.

"Hahaha, I love obedient stupid pigs," said the bald man, satisfied with his victim's deference. He then looked at Ning Xi, "Since you cant recognize this, then well just have to follow the rules of the game, hahaha!"

Ning Xi shook her head and said, "Dont jump to conclusions so quickly."

"Huh?" The bald man was confused.

"Although I havent been in contact with this type of gun before, judging from the diameter of the barrel and its weight in my hands, plus its unique design, it isnt that difficult to guess."


Everyone was speechless. This woman was trying to simply guess. Did she not fear death?

Ning Xi assessed the pistol and weighted it approximately, then said calmly, "Around 1000 grams in weight, the total length should be about 180 millimeters, and the carbon steel impact socket has been modified before using a special metal coating. The caliber is 0.46 inches, about 12 millimeters, and with a caliber this special, it can only load a 0.45 inch Smith & Wesson bullet"

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