Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 446

Xiong Zhi had his fists balled up tightly, his blue veins protruding through his skin. With his boss order...if he was not able to comply and survive this, he would not be able to face his boss Lu Tingxiao!

"Easy, dont move now, its not your turn to die yet. But if youre not going to cooperate...things will get complicated. After all, we have a lot of time on our hands, you stupid pigs. The game has just started, hahaha!" said the bald man smugly, as if he was fated to come out of this situation a winner.

"Shi Xiao, thats your underling. The boss gave orders to protect Ms. Nings safety. Even if youre not helping, don't let your underling mess it up!" Xiong Zhi ignored the bald mans warning and yelled at Shi Xiao.

Shi Xiaos brows furrowed. Even though he disliked the stupid woman, he didn't want her to die.

"Dont do it!" Shi Xiao yelled at the man in the white shirt.

"Damn it!" The man in white shirt spat on the floor with a ferocious look on his face, "Dont bother me now! Leader Shi Xiao, you brought me here to the arsenal to meet Boss, but look at what has happened! Its a trap! We're almost dead here! She's just an actress! She should be honored that my life can be traded for her death!"

Actually, he was not specifically against Ning Xi. As long as he could live, he would not have any doubts even if they asked him to kill Xiong Zhi or even Shi Xiao at this point.

"Dont worry, you have your rules, I have mine as well," Ning Xi smiled and she took out a pistol from the box.

"Stupid pig, youre looking for trouble! The rules of the game have changed. Dont you dare touch the guns, put it down!" shouted Alice as she stood up.

"My dear Alice, dont mind her. The guns have no bullets in them, all the magazines are empty," bragged the bald man, laughing as everything was under his control.

Seeing his nonchalance, Alice shrugged and sat back down.

"Do you guys know that this is an Italian Beretta 92F pistol?" Ning Xi said lightly as she took out the magazine.

"Youre right, its an Italian Beretta, but what about it? The game is long over. Whether you can recognize the guns or not doesnt matter anymore. Youre going to be killed by one of your own...hahaha, Im already excited just thinking about it. Looking at you stupid pigs killing each other, spilling blood everywhere, how wonderful is that?!" the bald man threw his head back and laughed like a psychopath.

Ning Xi shook her head, "The main point of this pistol is that it can use the same bullets"

Before she could finish, the man in white shirt charged at her like the wind.

"You damned witch, go to hell!" the man in white shirt roared.

"As most small pistols" Ning Xi mumbled to herself, at the same time she leaped. With everyone looking on unbelievably, she rammed her knee into the abdomen of the man.

"Ugh!" His face spasmed as slimy liquid was excreted from his mouth and he fell backwards upon the impact of Ning Xis knee attack.

Before he could hit the ground, Ning Xi caught his shoulder, a fistful of his shirt in her hand.


Without realizing what just happened, Ning Xi had tossed him onto the floor.

At the same time, Ning Xi had a few bullets in her hand and within a blink of an eye, she loaded the magazine she was holding all along with astonishing precision.

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