Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 448

Both Xiong Zhi and Shi Xiao were shocked, their minds going completely blank. What had just happened had gone way out of their expectations! Was Ning Xi really just a normal actress?!

"What did you say just now?" Ning Xi was cold like ice, her tone sending goosebumps across everyone's skins.

"You witch!"

"Get her!"

A few of the foreigners came back to their senses after realizing what had happened, and they lifted their arms to aim their guns at Ning Xi




A few more gun shots exploded in the air.

Blood flowed out of the foreheads of the foreign men, their eyes opened wide in shock and they then fell on the floor soon after.

"That was incredibly fast, simply too fast! Ms. Ning...she is way too fast!" Xiong Zhi babbled, impressed, "No, she's not just fast. Her accuracy is terrifying; the range that she shot at was precisely the maximum shooting range of the gun she used. Extraordinary speed plus advanced calculations...and precise accuracy! There is no way that she is just an actress! Who...who in the world is she?!"

Xiong Zhi would never believe that an actress could be capable of this feat.

A bitter smile came to him. What was his boss was thinking, asking him to protect a woman like Ning Xi? Did she even need protection? More likely than not, she should be protecting someone else!

Shi Xiao seemed like he wanted to say something but stopped.

Ning Xi did not even look at the foreigners the whole time, appearing like she was shooting at random but all of her shots hit their target, while the enemy had no chance to even counterattack. In the end, the only one left standing was Alice.

"Ah!" The man in the white shirt was still keening in pain like a pig being killed.

"How troublesome...get lost!" Ning Xi kicked the man in the guts and he rolled away in pain, just to get away from her.

Both Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi did not dare to say anything, especially Shi Xiao. He was not afraid of Ning Xis explosive power and her fighting skills, but it was her gun...and her terrifying marksmanship

"Youre lucky, had it been a few years ago, youd have been dead already, talking to me like that." Ning Xi glanced at Shi Xiao, "Do you understand"

"Y...yes," Shi Xiao clenched his teeth and gave in to her, his instinct strongly urging him not to pick a fight with this woman.

"Ms. Ning Xi, quickly kill that woman!" Xiong Zhi said quickly as soon as he saw Alice was still alive.

Ning Xi looked at Alice and said, "What was it you said just now? About me only knowing how to sell my body, and that you only need your hands to kill me?"

Alice frowned at her and said coldly, "Youre nothing in my eyes, you stupid pig!"

Alice quickly whipped out her gun.


Ning Xi was faster.

Alice was taken aback by Ning Xis speed but the shot intentionally missed her, hitting her gun instead.


Alices gun was flung around 10 meters away from her.

"Awesome! Now kill her!" Xiong Zhi said excitedly.

"I ran out of bullets," Ning Xi tossed her emptied gun away and shrugged, "Well, we need someone to be alive anyway."

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