Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 450

On the way out of the arsenal.

Ning Xi was relieved to know that Lu Tingxiao was fine as she looked at the scenery outside of the car window.

Philadelphia...the last time she had been there, it was bustling as ever...

What was now left was a devastated state as a result of a war

Lu Tingxiao set his sights on Ning Xi as she looked out of the window.

No matter how thorough his plans were, when he reached the arsenal with his men, he completely did not expect to see Ning Xi, who was supposed to be safe and sound back at home, appearing at such a dangerous place!

Aside from fear, he was astonished by what he saw.

Within a matter of seconds, everyone had lost their lives under her gunfire and of course, that single heavy blow of hers that defeated the foreign lady

At that moment, the girl had a totally different aura around her, a strange aura that he had never seen before. There were no traces of the Ning Xi he knew, as if she was just another stranger.

But he knew

That girl was still Ning Xi

It was the past version of her

But when he saw her going up to him happily and pitifully tell him how scared she was, he knew that she was still the girl whom he knew.

Ning Xi turned back and her eyes met with Lu Tingxiaos. She gulped, "Uh, Boss...why are you looking at me...are you trying to get back at me now? You said that you wouldnt be angry with me anymore!"

Lu Tingxiao reined in his thoughts and said kindly, "I still have something else to handle in Philadelphia. Do you want to go back first or are you leaving with me later on?"

Ning Xi replied after she had given it some thought, "Ill go back with you!"

She then explained, "Well, I dont really have any work these few days and its such a rare occasion that I can get out of the country. I guess Ill take this chance to have a short vacation!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at her solemnly and said in a slightly colder tone than usual, "If youre leaving together with me, youre going to stay within my sight for the next few days."

"Huh?" Ning Xi looked troubled, "Then wouldnt I be bored to death?"

Lu Tingxiaos face suddenly darkened.

Ning Xi quickly rephrased, "No, no, no! How would I be bored when Im with you, Boss?! Its a great honor to be able to stay by your honors side"

At the back of the car, Xiong Zhi coughed lightly and with a low voice he said, "Ms. Ning Xi...is she schizophrenic?"

Shi Xiao rolled his eyes at him, "Screw that schizophrenic crap! Dont you see now? She was taking Boss on a ride all along!"

"So she was just acting around Boss?" Xiong Zhi was still confused, "Then how do you explain Boss attitude towards Ms. Ning Xi?"

Shi Xiao had no comeback for this one, so he mumbled, "How would I know? I was terrified!" After all, he almost thought that his boss who had appeared just now was an imposter.

Cheng Feng who was listening to their conversation while working on the documents the whole time could not hold it in anymore, "What would you single dudes know? Its the power of love!"

They finally reached a safe area.

In the hotel, Lu Tingxiao brought her directly into his room.

He led her to sit on the sofa then proceeded to the balcony to make a phone call.

A while later, Cheng Feng brought Ning Xi a PSP game console, a few fashion magazines, and some snacks.

After he had settled Ning Xi down, Lu Tingxiao gathered his men for a meeting. Through a window from the meeting room, he could see Ning Xi in the living room.

He literally was not going to leave her out of his sight...

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