Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 455

He did not expect that this to happen to him. Taking Xiong Zhi aside was a big mistake for Shi Xiao.

And the boss had expected him to make these mistakes. It seemed that the boss still could not fully trust Shi Xiao yet

The ever so confident Shi Xiao had tasted defeat for the first time. He asked, "Assistant Cheng, is it true that were just the surface guards for Boss, and that he actually has another group of extraordinary followers behind him whom he really trusts?"

A weak little girl who turned out to have unbelievable skills hidden within her...how much more powerful can his other forces be

He actually doubted Boss judgment in people and had even insulted her several times. In the end, it showed that he was the ignorant and helpless one!

"Dont overthink it. You guys mean very much to the boss. Youre still young and have a lot of room for improvement, so be patient," Cheng Feng gave him a pat on his back and comforted him while sighing at the same time.

Shi Xiao actually possessed a great amount of potential. It was too bad that he was too impatient and it was this impatience that caused him to stop growing. It might not be a bad thing at all if he could change this bad habit of his after this incident.

Thinking back about the moment when he had reached the arsenal with Boss, he could only see the moment when Ning Xi shot everyone down and defeated the foreign lady. He did not really know what had happened before, but it was not easy to impress someone as prideful as Shi Xiao...one could know that she was not just your average actress

Xiong Zhi scratched his head, "Assistant Cheng, who exactly is Ms. Ning? She definitely isnt just an actress! Was Boss kidding when he asked me to protect her? Does she look like she needs protection...I really dont understand!"

Cheng Feng replied, "I dont really know much about Ms. Ning Xi as well. Im as shocked as the both of you after I saw what happened today. Just act as if you did not know what happened today and remember not to mention it in front of Boss. As for Bosss orders, just follow his instructions."

Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi nodded with no objections.

Ning Xi had just gotten up from her nap when she saw that Lu Tingxiao was finished with his meeting. She asked him, "Boss, are you done with your meeting?"

Lu Tingxiao pinched between his brows tiredly, "Mmm, hang around for a bit. Ill go and take a shower."

"Oh" Ning Xi blinked her eyes innocently, "Boss, then do you still need me to stay within your sight then?"

Lu Tingxiao was a little taken aback. He turned around and said, "If you want to, I dont mind."

Ning Xi was speechless.

Damn it! She still could not tease the devil!

And the image of the devil in the shower started to appear in her head...Oh dear, stop!

Lu Tingxiao went to her and teased her hair as he saw her embarrassed face, playfully reprimanding her with a hoarse voice, "Dont simply say things like these, my self-restraint is a lot weaker than you think."


What had she just said? She was very innocent! It was him who was dirty

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