Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 459

The next morning.

In Noble's company building, they took the lift to the highest floor and walked past many glass displays of various classic perfume fragrances to reach the audition venue.

Ning Xi followed behind Ling Zhizhi. As soon she stepped in, she was blinded by what she saw.

The place was filled with super stars, each of them well-known in the industry and there were only a few slightly newer rookies. In fact, to suit today's 'noble' theme, everyone was dressed in very shiny, attractive outfits.

Most of the people knew one another and they were all courteously having small talk and networking. The rookies, on the other hand, utilized time by brown nosing some super stars; it was very lively inside indeed.

The moment Ning Xi appeared at the door, everyone was stunned. The entire waiting room was in pin drop silence.

Of course, there was no way a newbie like Ning Xi would be so famous as to shock everyone with her presence. It was actually because Ning Xi's outfit was entirely unexpected as compared to the glamorous outfits and heavy accessories those popular artistes were wearing.

To say it was crazy would not be the right term.

Ning Xi had on a nude makeup look and wore a dress colored in what seemed like a dirty soil palette, with slightly old, brown leather shoes. She did not have any accessories on her and she did not even do anything to her hair, her slightly messy hair simply flowing down her back.

Everyone looked at her oddly. Because the place was filled with mostly big brands, they spoke without constraint. They did not bother lowering their voices when they started to directly discuss Ning Xi in front of her.

"Who's this? Why is she dressed like a beggar...has she lost her way?"

"I don't think so! Didn't you see that she's someone brought by Ling Zhizhi?"

Even though these people did not know Ning Xi, Ling Zhizhi who was known as the manager that brought Leng Manyun into the industry was still well-known by all.

When they saw Ling Zhizhi, everyone revealed a look of disbelief, "Ah! I remember now! This girl who's dressed shabbily must be that rookie that Ling Zhizhi has just started managing!"

"Even if Leng Manyun left, Ling Zhizhi's experience was still valid. Surely she would not go to the extent of bringing someone like this?"

"Is Glory World Entertainment poor to this extent? Without even a good stylist?"

"How could Glory World Entertainment be poor? It's only because they don't value her!"

"Leng Manyun retired for a man. Ling Zhizhi can't avoid this responsibility, can she? She can't even manage the artistes under her well! I heard that she was kept in the dark. As her manager, it was only when Leng Manyun publicly announced the news on Weibo did she find out!"

"It looks like Ling Zhizhi's capabilities are limited. Glory World's best manager is still Zhao Meixin!"


This was when Starlight Entertainment's A-list female star walked to Ling Zhizhi with what seemed like concern, when underneath she clearly had the motive to insult, "Sis Ling, have you brought your artiste over to audition?"

Ling Zhizhi nodded slightly, "I just casually helped her sign up and unexpectedly made it to the preliminaries. I've brought her to gain some experience."

Her words were put in a courteous and humble way but she did not stoop too low.

To be called back from the pool of popular artistes in the entire country was already exemplifying her potential.

The Starlight artiste looked regretful as she evaluated Ning Xi behind her. She shook her head and said, "Sis Ling, I don't want to say anything, but even if you were planning to just accompany her, you can't just give up on yourself like that! Or was it because...since Leng Manyun left, you've dropped your standards to this extent? If that is so, you shouldn't stay at Glory World to be a manager, come be my assistant instead. Even though the salary is not much, it's better than you trying to manage this unpromising rookie!"

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