Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 460

Starlight and Glory World had always been rivals, and the female artiste who had spoken was called Li Yueling. There were many times that she lost the Best Actress title to Leng Manyun. It was a rare opportunity to see Ling Zhizhi in this lowly state, so naturally, she would not let go of this great chance to ridicule her.

When they saw both sides fighting one another, everyone else looked on, anticipating for drama to happen.

Some even intentionally joked, "Speaking of which, I so happen to be lacking of an assistant too! I wonder if Sis Ling would be interested?"

Li Yueling looked delighted, "Haha, who knew that Sis Ling was this popular? Wait till this rookie doesn't make it, then she won't have to worry about not having a backup plan!"


As Ning Xi watched Ling Zhizhi get attacked by the big names of the industry, her eyes flashed with disgust. She remembered Ling Zhizhi's reminder clearly that no matter what happened, if she could help herself, she should try not to speak. She found a quiet corner to sit down in, closed her eyes to avoid being disturbed by the external world, and focused on preparing her emotions to get into character.

Not too long after, the auditions began.

Ning Xi picked a pretty good queue number. There were 30 people in total, and she landed right in the middle with number 15.

Li Yueling got number 14, and she looked at Ning Xi's number card and sighed as she shook her head, "Pfft, such a good number, what a waste..."

Very quickly, the first candidate went in for her audition.

The first candidate's potential was already scary enough. Even though her family background and academic qualifications were not too high, and she did not come from a family of actors, she had relied on her own potential to win the award of Best Actress.

When they saw that Fang Xiaowen was the first, many female artistes who auditioned looked nervous. Li Yueling, on the other hand, looked nonchalant as she dismissed "It was just a primary school farmer girl, how could she understand the meaning of nobility?"

Even though Li Yueling did not have any especially attractive titles, apart from being very popular, her biggest advantage was her bountiful family background. Her father was a senior official, while her mother was a famous figure within the fashion industry. She had received an aristocrat education since she was young, and was well versed in piano, chess, drawing, and more.

Among all of the stars present, there might have been people more popular than her, but almost no one could compare to her familial advantage.

Just from Li Yueling's looks, even Noble's endorsement fees might not be able to afford her, no wonder she was so confident.

In under a minute, Fang Xiaowen made her exit.

Her manager immediately went up to ask her how it was, and Fang Xiaowen looked gloomy as she shook her head. The manager was slightly disappointed but still consoled her.

Li Yueling looked on with her arms crossed as if she had expected this, "Pfft, I knew it, you're just a village nobody. How could you be noble?"

Apart from Li Yueling, there were several other female artistes with good family backgrounds who obviously looked down on Fang Xiaowen as well and they all looked on insultingly at her.

With the ridicule and insults coming from the crowd for overestimating herself, Fang Xiaowen could not handle it and burst out of the door. Even though she had fought for the title of being one of the best actresses, she still could not shake off the influence her family background and education qualifications had on her...

In the corner, Ning Xi opened her eyes and saw Fang Xiaowen's shadow leaving. Her eyes flashed with regret.

It was too bad for Fang Xiaowen. Based on her acting skills and popularity, this endorsement should have been a piece of cake...

The second one who auditioned was an artiste with a very rich tycoon father in the coal industry, who put in a lot of money to the entertainment industry for her. However, she came out within a minute.

The parents of the third artiste were from the entertainment industry. She was a hard worker as well, the classic type of actress with potential. She managed to persevere for three minutes, and yet still failed in the end...

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