Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 469

In the cold house, Ning Xi waited for quite a long time but the owner still had not returned.

After a while, Ning Xi got up and was attracted by the cartoon figures on the table.

Her curious eyes evaluated the cartoon figures, then she smiled. That person still had not changed much, just like living in a two-dimensional world.

"But...these are pretty exquisite." Ning Xi picked up a figure and played with it for a while to kill some time while waiting.

The figure was very lovely. Every millimeter of it seemed like it had been refined to detail, and the style of the character was special, with an arrogant yet lazy posture, both hands holding two very realistic-looking guns.

"I have two guns..."

When Ning Xi accidentally touched a subtle switch on the figure, the cartoon figure suddenly spoke.

Ning Xi was caught off guard and was frightened by this, subconsciously letting go of the figure in her hand.

"I have two guns...one is called 'shoot'..."

"And the other is called...ah!"

When she heard the cartoon figure that she had thrown to the floor still continue to call out, Ning Xi returned to her senses and shook her head to get a grip on herself. She suddenly remembered that the owner was once crazily obsessed with an e-sports battling game, and these cartoon figures were the main characters of that game. Even the dialogues of the characters were exactly the same.

She wondered what other people would think if they knew that this fearsome man who was notorious in the underground world had such a cute side.

When the cartoon figure had finally finished its dialogue, the house went into dead silence again.

Ning Xi's mouth twitched and she slowly walked up to pick the cartoon figure up. If they saw how she had treated their beloved figure, Ning Xi shuddered to imagine the consequences...she dared not think any more about it.

Just as she thought about retrieving the figure, Ning Xi's eyes skimmed the lower floor and noticed that the door knob was slowly turning.

Ning Xi was joyful but within a few seconds, the smile froze on her face and left very quickly.

Initially, she thought that the person she had been waiting for had returned, but when she looked closely, it was not him. The door knob continued to turn; it did not look like the owner had returned, but rather it was robbers breaking in.

In a place like St. Bernard's, robbers were aplenty, to the extent that it was commonplace for them to rob and kill in broad daylight. Especially in places where the wealthy lived, these deadly thieves were very active.

Ning Xi did not hesitate and immediately walked back to put the cartoon figure onto the shelf again. Then, she opened the drawer.

"Indeed, he is still the same..." Ning Xi mumbled to herself, her gaze falling onto the black pistol lying unassumingly in the drawer.

"German pistol...it really is their style," Ning Xi murmured as she took the gun out and quickly loaded it with 10 bullets.

In this city, even if those thieves had brought a lot of guns with them, even if they were skilled at combat and were fast, they could not be faster than a gun.

As she loaded the bullets, a sound came from below. Ning Xi frowned and looked down.

She saw that below her were six men in black slowly walking into the house silently. Whether it was the way they held their guns or the way they acted, it seemed like they had professional training and were not common thieves.

"Unless...they aren't robbers?" Ning Xi was even more suspicious.

If they were really robbers, did they really need six guns for six of them?

And they seem to be dressed in uniforms. Ignoring the professional training they seemed to have, these robbers wore expensive-looking Chinese apparel!

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