Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 473

Since she did not know if the assassins had called for backup, she kept the lights turned off. With her night vision glasses on, she walked down the stairs carefully.

She looked through the dead assassins belongings to find more information about their identity.

"B rank" Ning Xi mumbled in surprise. These people were B rank assassins from a group called "The Sins".

The history of The Sins traced way back to the end of the Middle Ages. It was a universally-known rank of assassins whose existence rose to the peak during the last world war.

Aside from being the forces behind powerful families, some small countries hired top assassins from The Sins as well.

"One exists as The Sin.

The Sin exists to destroy.

The world is full of sin, humiliating worldly desires; how pathetic!

One shall use the power of The Sin to destroy the world."

These words were known as the holiest Bible of The Sins.

B class assassins belonged to the average category among The Sins, only bested by the A class.

"Haha, the person who hired B class assassins to kill that person" said Ning Xi as she shook her head. They were all trying to get themselves killed.

The Sins wasnt some killer organization with a complete system. It was just a list and all the world-class assassins were listed on it. One could look up the rank of the assassin on The Sins before hiring them.

Ning Xi was having doubts about the person who had hired B class assassins to kill that owner of the house.

"Someone as handsome as I am is usually the main character in games!"

The cartoon figurine that had been thrown to the first floor started laughing, baring its teeth and giving a thumbs-up as well.

Ning Xi smiled and picked up the figurine. "You must be my lucky charm, thank you!"

"Im super duper cool!"

To which Ning Xi replied, "Hmm...I doubt so."

"Its time to show you my real skills!"

Ning Xi replied again, "Didnt you already show me just now?"

"Young man, hurry, there are still treasures yet to be discovered!"

In the end, Ning Xi turned off the switch on the cartoon figurine and it finally stopped blabbering.

Right after she had kept the figurine on her, she heard irregular footsteps from outside the house.

Ning Xi quickly hid under the windows and tried to peek outside.

There were a few men waiting outside and were looking inside the house from time to time.

These people werent assassins from The Sins, their irregular footsteps gave them away.

Suddenly, a phone rang in the pocket of the man who had led the assassins.

Ning Xi swiftly went up to his body and took out his phone.

A text message came in from the sender "Jeffrey", saying: "Did you get it?"

Ning Xi thought for a while, then replied with the mans phone, "Done, but we almost lost our lives this time!"

The phone rang again a while after, "Haha, thanks for your hard work! Ill be adding some extra to your reward. Ill have my people retreat first as they have something else on their hands!"

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