Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 478

"Third Senior Sister, even if you couldnt recognize me just now, arent you familiar with my fighting style?" Ning Xi asked.

"The way you evaded me was quite familiar but how would I know you were one of us? I dont recall anyone that sucked so badly!" the woman said as a matter-of-factly.

Ning Xi had nothing to defend herself with, so she whined, "Senior Sister, can't you be a bit more considerate?"

"You cheeky little girl, what's up with you? Even though you sucked back then, you could still hold your ground for quite some time against me, but now you cant even last for a while. Your postures bad and your knees are weak. You havent been training in the past year, have you?! If Master knew about this, your leg would have been broken by now!" Feng Xiaoxiao scolded her.

Ning Xi touched her nose and said sadly, "Im too busy, theres no time"

A handsome, tall man from Feng Xiaoxiaos team walked over and stared at Ning Xi with interest, "Hey, Xiaoxiao, whos this little bunny?"

Feng Xiaoxiao kicked him, "Get lost! Youre the bunny! This is my junior sister. Dont you dare have any funny ideas or Ill break your third leg!"

The man quickly ran away while covering his crotch.

Feng Xiaoxiao gave them a threatening stare and then returned to the conversation with Ning Xi, "So, how has it been going? Is it fun being a celebrity?"

"Its pretty interesting. You can act as a side character next time!" Ning Xi smiled brightly at her.

Feng Xiaoxiao brushed her hair, "You little fella, you always have so little patience. One day, youre doing this and another day youre doing that. When you said that you were going into acting, I thought you were just being curious and would be back after a few days. Who knew that youd leave for a whole year"

"I was afraid that I wouldnt leave you if I saw you!" Ning Xi smiled cheekily.

Feng Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes, then asked her, "Right, I havent asked you yet but why are you here?"

Ning Xi sighed, "Its a long story, I was waiting for you at your home, but coincidentally there was someone there to assassinate you and I was worried about you. After I settled them, I followed the henchmen and eventually I got here, saw you and you almost killed me"

Feng Xiaoxiao quickly gave her another tight hug. She asked her while patting her head, "Is there anything urgent that you need me for?"

Ning Xi took her to a quiet corner before she continued, "Third Senior Sister, I need a favor from you, please help me!"

"What is it? Ill surely help you!"

"Senior Sister, can you help me find out more about a person?"

"Find a person? Easy! No matter who it is, Ill get you everything you need about that person."



"I said, I need information on Satan!"

Feng Xiaoxiao reluctantly broke the promise she just made. "I cant!"

Ning Xi begged her, "Third Senior Sister, please! Only you can help me now!"

Feng Xiaoxiaos expression darkened, "Why do you want to know so much about that person?"

"I just need it!" Ning Xi continued begging.

Feng Xiaoxiao held her temples in frustration, "Its not that I dont want to help you, but I cant do anything about it. If you really want to know, why not ask him personally?"

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