Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 480

At a five star hotel in Los Angeles.

Li Yueling was furious early in the morning and she yelled, "I dont care anymore. Youre my manager so you should fix this! Are you trying to embarrass me? Ive already told Xueluo I got the endorsement!"

The manager said helplessly, "Yueling, Ive been utilizing all my networks and doing all I could since they released the result. Cook isnt just the director of this advertisement, he is also currently the art director of Noble. The endorsement is totally up to him, theres nothing I can do!"

"Why dont you contact Cook directly? It doesnt matter how much money he wants!"

The manager quickly advised, "Dont be reckless, Yueling. Do you think I havent thought about this? Things are different here. These foreigners dont care about money, especially an art enthusiast like Cook. Ive asked his assistant. Hes been completely charmed by Ning Xi; shes his goddess muse! Its impossible to change his mind...unless"

"Unless what?" Li Yueling quickly asked.

"Unless you can be an ideal model compared to Ning Xi in his eyes."

The manager was telling the truth but she had touched a fresh wound, so Li Yueling exploded, "If I can do it, then what would I still need you for?! Useless! Idiot! You cant even settle something like this! This is why Ling Zhizhi is always above of you!"

The manager was really unhappy, thinking that she had been below Ling Zhizhi all this time because of Li Yuelings lack of ability. After investing so much money and resources, she still could not even win a presentable award.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

The manager opened the door, surprised to see who it was. "Ms. Ning? Why are you here?"

"What? Xueluo is here?" Li Yueling quickly went to the door and was surprised to see Ning Xueluo standing outside. "Xueluo, why are you here? Come in!"

Ning Xueluo sat down on the sofa, then looked at Li Yueling. "Ive already heard about the Noble endorsement."

Li Yuelings expression froze. "Im sorry, Xueluo, I messed up the opportunity that you gave me"

Ning Xueluo signaled for Li Yueling to sit beside her and comforted, "Dont blame yourself, Yueling, its not your fault! You didnt want this to happen!"

Li Yueling looked at her and Xueluo and thought of something. "Xueluo, why don't you go and talk to Director Cook? You gave up the auditions for me but since things went south, we cant just let Ning Xi have the advantage! You can surely defeat her with your talent!"

Ning Xueluo said numbly, "Its not just about talent. Ning Xi loves to use dirty tricks and innocent ladies like us dont stand a chance against her. It was all my fault. If I had known Ning Xi would join the audition beforehand, I couldve reminded you to be more careful!"

Actually, Ning Xueluo did not even get through the initial audition and she had lied in order not to embarrass herself. On a side note, she could get Li Yueling on her side by doing her a favor, striking two birds with one stone.

If she went up to Cook now, she would find out about her elimination in the initial phase of the audition.

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