Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 486

The man shook his head and declared, "Passion is useless. Being passionate only brings me suffering now!"

"Youre right, passion alone is useless. Realistically speaking, you need something else thats important: money!"

"Are you kidding me? Do I look like I have any money on me now?"

Ning Xi blinked her eyes and patted her chest, "Not you. I do!"

"You?" The man looked at her doubtfully.

Ning Xi slung an arm around him to support the man up and patted his shoulder, "Rise up, young man! Your life is just about to start! And your fate will change, starting this very second!"

The man looked at Ning Xi like an idiot and he flopped back onto the ground

Ning Xi put her hands on her hips and glared at him. "What? You dont believe me?! Fine, Im telling you now, I really like your work and you know that Im not lying, seeing how I have bought most of your designs. So here I am officially extending you an invitation to collaborate. Are you interested?"

The man was surprised and peered at her with bewildered eyes. "Collaborate? With a beggar?"

Ning Xi smiled and responded, "Yes, just take it as I have too much money and nothing to spend it on. What do you think? You've got such a silly person standing right in front of you and offering you money now. Are you going to take advantage of her?"

The man was dumbfounded. She sounded like she was joking but her twinkling eyes said otherwise.

The woman was serious.


"I already told you; Im your fan! It was a coincidence as well. I earned some money recently and felt like investing in a business and I met you here. But I have to tell you that I dont have much, its just three million dollars. I'll invest them all in you!"

"Three million" the man mumbled, "How is that not much? We only had 50 thousand dollars in cash when we started the studio"

"That's fantastic if you dont think its too little. Most importantly, you need to stand up on your own and be confident in yourself. I am an actress and I will still focus on my main career. Im not a professional in fashion design, so youll be the heart and soul of our studio. The studio venue, hiring, future development...theyll all be up to you!" Ning Xi explained to him.

"I...I" The man got up to his feet when he heard Ning Xis grand plan and said, "Although Ive been spending most of my time designing, I still know some things about running a studio. It might be difficult at first but...if theres another chance, I can do it!"

Ning Xi nodded in satisfaction. "Ill mark your words!"

"You...are you serious? Youre investing so much money in a person just because youve spoken to me for the past few minutes and shared some beers with me?" The man was still in disbelief. He thought that he was dreaming or was hallucinating from the effects of the alcohol.

Ning Xi raised her brows and told him, "You get to spend the money you earn, and youll earn more after you finish them, no big deal! I like to take risky challenges!"

Ning Xi was very straightforward. After their conversation, she dragged him with her and bought an outfit for him, got his hair trimmed, and brought him back to the hotel for a shower.

"Are you done showering yet? Remember to change into the clothes I bought you! Ive thrown away what you were wearing before! And oh, right, remember to shave!"

Ning Xi waited impatiently until the man finally walked out.

Ning Xi was busy playing her mobile game when she heard some careful footsteps. She looked up and was surprised

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