Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 490

Gong Shangze did not know if it was him overthinking things, but he felt like the man in front of him gave off a strong vibe of hatred towards him.

In fact, from the moment he had appeared, he already felt increasing tension...

Ning Xi continued to introduce him to Lu Tingxiao, "Big Boss, let me introduce, this is Gong Shangze. He's my..."

At this moment, Ning Xi finally realized that Lu Tingxiao had a fierce look on his face, but she did not know what was wrong either. She hesitated slightly as she continued, "He's my friend whom I met in Los Angeles. He's a very talented fashion designer..."

What was going on? Not only was Lu Tingxiao looking unlike his usual self, but why did it seem like even Cheng Feng was behaving oddly?

Was it something wrong that she had said?

Ning Xi immediately changed the topic, "Big Boss, you came to pick me up even though it's quite late already. Thank you for going through the trouble!"

"It's no trouble, it was on the way."

"Uhh...on the way?" How could the airport be on the way to anywhere?

Ning Xi had no response to him when she noticed that Lu Tingxiao gaze rested on her shoulders...what was up now?

Lu Tingxiao reached out and naturally took the coat off her. Then, he took off his own coat and covered her shoulders again. "This one is thicker."

"Oh, thank you..." Ning Xi nodded, stunned.

Lu Tingxiao looked at her and managed to hold his annoyance in without any further questions. He opened the car door for her and said, "Get in the car, it's cold outside."

Cheng Feng followed suit and opened the door to the shotgun seat. "Mr. Gong, how about you sit here. There are some things in the back seat, so there's probably no space for you."

"Okay." Gong Shangze was naive and he did not think much about it, immediately taking shotgun.

The car started to slowly move and there was an awkward silence.

Lu Tingxiao started at the youth in the shotgun seat. He looked clean and handsome, probably close to Ning Xi's age. When he saw the two of them standing together earlier, they looked like a good match, as much as he did not want to admit it...

To confirm their relationship would only take a sentence but no matter what, he could not bring himself to ask it. He was a nobody; what right did he have to ask about her private matters?

As slow as Ning Xi might be, she could still notice that Lu Tingxiao was not in a good mood that night, so she dared not to start talking again.

Thus, the car was filled with an eerie silence, making everyone feel uncomfortable.

At that moment, from a corner of the car, Cheng Feng could only sigh internally, "Second Master, come home soon, I cannot handle this on my own..."

"Achoo!" Probably due to the chilly wind earlier, Ning Xi sneezed.

Lu Tingxiao frowned, then finally broke the silence, "Cheng Feng, please adjust the temperature slightly higher."

After that, he brought a blanket over and passed it to Ning Xi so she could cover her legs since she wore a dress. Then, he gave her the supper he had prepared much earlier.

Ning Xi was shocked by Lu Tingxiao's actions, "Uhh, Big Boss, you came well prepared! As a peasant, I'm taken aback by your affection!"

"Don't be shocked, you are a hardworking peasant and you did very well this time."

Ning Xi took the meal box, then secretly peeked at Lu Tingxiao's unconvincing poker face and asked, "Really? But...why do I feel like you're not terribly happy?"

Since she saw him earlier, she had already felt that something was not right.

Lu Tingxiao took a deep breath and tried to control his emotions, hating himself for being petty, "I'm not unhappy."

"Liar...you're obviously not happy..." Ning Xi bit the end of her chopsticks and mumbled softly.

Her eyes fell on Gong Shangze who sat shotgun...

Ah, Gong Shangze...

She suddenly thought of a possibility which she had not thought of at all!

Big Boss, he...could he possibly be...jealous?!

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