Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 491

This...should not be possible!

She had already introduced him as a newly-made friend!

Mmm, forget it, instead of guessing, she should just test him!

Ning Xi thought about it, then asked, "Big Boss, guess how Shangze and I met?"

As Ning Xi spoke, she took the opportunity to secretly look at Lu Tingxiao's expression, mmm...he was...really...in fact...jealous!

When she saw Lu Tingxiao looking morose to the point that he could not disguise it any longer, Ning Xi buried her face in her hands and could not help but laugh.

In her heart, Lu Tingxiao had always been tall, mighty and dominant, with a sense of maturity and stability. The fact that he was jealous of a beggar was something she had never even thought would happen.

Okay, okay, it was also her fault that she forgot that after cleaning up, Gong Shangze was rather handsome and would probably be a ladies' magnet.

"How?" Lu Tingxiao looked like he wanted to know, yet he did not want to at the same time; it was beyond complicated.

Ning Xi held her chin and looked at the devil's expression. The more she looked, the more she thought it was cute, she just wanted to throw herself onto him and give him a kiss. "He...was someone I picked up on the streets!"

"Picked up on the streets?" When he heard this answer, Lu Tingxiao clearly looked very taken aback.

"Yeah! Haha, unexpected, isn't it?"

Gong Shangze who sat shotgun heard their conversation and laughed, "If it had not been for Xiao Xi, I would probably still be begging on the streets of Los Angeles!"

When they heard this, Lu Tingxiao and Cheng Feng were shocked.

Cheng Feng especially, his head was wild with thoughts about some foreign affair with sparks of romance and then her bringing her lover home. He did not expect such a miraculous situation at all.

Indeed, the lady boss was so unpredictable that the average person's thought process did not apply to her...

When she saw that the tension in Lu Tingxiao had finally dropped a notch, Ning Xi started to share the process of how she met Gong Shangze, "After the advertisement was wrapped up, I was prepared to go shopping. I was happily wearing my new dress when suddenly a beggar came up to me and said one word: "ugly". I swear I was so angry..."

Ning Xi described the story in detail to Lu Tingxiao, and he listened patiently with a focused expression throughout the story. He suitably responded and asked questions interjectedly, even inviting Gong Shangze to say a few words here and there.

The atmosphere in the car suddenly turned from winter to spring.

Cheng Feng breathed a sigh of relief, the danger had been resolved and the boss's rationality was back online again...

"...that's what happened! So, Shangze is not only my new friend but also my future business partner. We have decided to start a fashion design studio, whereby I'll provide the funds and he'll do the work!"

Lu Tingxiao's tightened expression for the entire car ride had finally relaxed at this point. No wonder the two of them had returned to the country together...

"Why did you suddenly want to start a studio?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

"Mmm..." Of course, it's for you!

Apart from acting, she suddenly had other ambitions and it was all because of him!

Ning Xi thought about it, then answered, "Well, it's not a sudden urge...I previously have had such plans already! It just so happened that this time, the perfume advertisement fees were released and then even more coincidentally, I picked up the designer I have been a fan of for a long time while shopping! This is fate!"

She herself felt that her luck was off the charts!

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