Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 492

Ning Xi's sparkling eyes looked at Lu Tingxiao, "So miraculous! Big Boss, I notice that ever since I have met you and Little Treasure, my luck has started to be positive, and no matter what I do, it all goes well! The two of you must be my lucky stars! One small lucky star and one big lucky star!"

Lu Tingxiao could not help but laugh, "Is that so?"

Cheng Feng was in tears! The lady boss was amazing! The boss was actually laughing!

Because Gong Shangze did not have a place to stay in Imperial, Lu Tingxiao accompanied Ning Xi to look for a hotel near Regal Riveria Hotel for him to settle down.

Ning Xi stood at the door and waved, "Shangze, I'll leave now! Rest well tonight, I'll come looking for you tomorrow! I'll bring you to buy new clothes, bags, handphones, and as for whatever else you're lacking, we'll see..."

Gong Shangze was touched, "Actually, there's no need for so much trouble. All I need is a place to stay..."

Ning Xi immediately pouted, "How can you say that? I'm now responsible for you!"

Gong Shangze teared and he said, "Thank you, boss!"

Haih, Gong Shangze's vulnerable demeanor really made it too easy for people to feel protective over him. Ning Xi said gently, "Good, go to sleep now!"


Once they walked out of the hotel, Ning Xi lamented, "Big Boss, I only now understand that it feels pretty awesome to be a boss!"

"To be your employee would be pretty awesome too..." Lu Tingxiao subconsciously mumbled to himself.

"What?" Ning Xi had not heard him.

"Hah, it's nothing...have you chosen the location of the studio yet?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

Ning Xi scratched her head as she answered, "Not yet! This is not a small issue, I need to properly give it some thought!"

"Later, let me know your requirements and budget. I can help you list down a few suitable locations," said Lu Tingxiao.

Ning Xi naturally felt bad when she heard this. "Ah? It would trouble you too much!"

Lu Tingxiao was such a busy person, how could she trouble him for something small like this!

Lu Tingxiao shot her a look instead and said carefully, "It's not too troublesome, you're my responsibility."

Ning Xi coughed. Okay, devil, you win!

The car reached Regal Riveria Hotel very soon.

Ning Xi was just about to bid Lu Tingxiao goodbye and get down from the car when his phone suddenly rang.

Lu Tingxiao indicated for Ning Xi to wait a while, then picked up the phone, "Mmm...I'm still out...what?! When did this happen? Okay, I'll return immediately!"

When she heard Lu Tingxiao's slightly panicked voice, Ning Xi immediately asked worriedly, "What's wrong?"

Lu Tingxiao remained controlled as usual. He patted her head and said, "Nothing, go rest now!"

Ning Xi did not get out of the car. Instead, she sat in the same spot and stared at him.

Lu Tingxiao laughed, "It's really nothing, there's just a slight problem at the office. I'll go over to have a look. I'm not lying to you, go now!"

Ning Xi still did not move and her gaze looked even sharper. "Did something happen to Little Treasure?"

Lu Tingxiao clearly looked a little shocked, as if he did not expect her to guess.

When she saw Lu Tingxiao's expression, Ning Xi knew that she had hit the nail on its head. Actually, she did not know why she was so confident either, but she just had a gut feeling.

"What's wrong with Little Treasure?" Suddenly, Ning Xi's heart lurched in her throat.

Lu Tingxiao gently consoled her, "It's a small thing, just a little fever. You know how it is, it's very common for a child to get a fever. The doctor has already been sent over and I'll immediately go home to see him now too, it's not too much of an issue."

Even though Lu Tingxiao said it casually, Ning Xi did not feel assured at all. She held her hand to her heart that was beating faster and she had an unexplainable bad feeling about this...

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