Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 496

Qin Mufeng rubbed his nose after being scolded, "But there aren't any other better options now..."

Sigh, actually, he knew that his suggestion was a hard one to pull off. It was very difficult for him to even blurt it out. Only after an intense battle of his thoughts did he say it.

As a psychologist himself, he eventually had to rely on someone like Ning Xi who was not from the industry. He was truly ashamed of himself...

As she watched Little Treasure's condition become increasingly serious, Yan Ruyi cried until she was about to faint of exhaustion. Lu Chongshan too was shaken and could not hold on any longer.

Lu Tingxiao cursed under his breath and called Ning Xi in the end, "Xiao Xi..."

"Lu Tingxiao! How's Little Treasure? Is he okay? Is it not too big of a deal?" Ning Xi impatiently asked in one breath.

It was hard for Lu Tingxiao to say, "You...just come in! Wait, I'll go outside to get you!"

After he hung up, Lu Tingxiao quickly walked out of the door.

Yan Ruyi became anxious when she saw Lu Tingxiao actually walking out. "Tingxiao, Little Treasure is already like this, where are you going?!"

Lu Tingxiao did not reply, continuing to make quick and long strides. He did not even turn around and just walked out.

At the courtyard gate, Ning Xi had gotten down from the car and was walking back and forth outside. She would look at the courtyard nervously from time to time.

She finally saw Lu Tingxiao's shadow...


Before Ning Xi could say anything more, Lu Tingxiao had opened the courtyard gate and grabbed her hand to walk in with him without saying anything further.

Ning Xi was speechless as she watched Lu Tingxiao hold her hand tightly and she could roughly guess what the situation was inside.

Little Treasure was probably in an even more serious condition than she could ever imagine...

A wave of fear that she had not felt before rose from her feet to her heart...

At this very moment, Little Treasure's room was in a state of chaos.

Then, from behind them came the sound of footsteps.

Everyone turned around and that was when they saw Lu Tingxiao had brought a girl along with him.

Lu Chongshan's expression immediately changed into one of fury. "Why did you bring this woman here for? Do you think Little Treasure's condition is not serious enough?"

To Lu Chongshan, Ning Xi's presence was probably worse than a witch or a medium.

Even though Yan Ruyi was not happy, she did not reject her as intensely as Lu Chongshan did. She had entirely lost all rationality.

Lu Chongshan breathed heavily and roared, "Get her out of here immediately!"

Lu Tingxiao held Ning Xi's hand tightly and was about to say something when Ning Xi shook her head at him, then wriggled out of his hand.

Ning Xi did not break down on the spot like Lu Tingxiao had predicted.

Instead, what he did not expect was to see Ning Xi's calm attitude towards Little Treasure who lay seriously ill on the bed. She did not even care about Lu Chongshan's complaints and loud scolding. After she wriggled out of Lu Tingxiao's hand, she made her way towards Little Treasure's bed...

Even though she clearly looked like a weak and gentle girl, her eyes were filled with determination, to the point that all the doctors and peasants, who had heard Lu Chongshan's orders and wanted to block Ning Xi's way, all made way for her.

When Lu Chongshan saw this, he fumed, "Stop right there! What do you think you're doing? Didn't all you hear what I said? Who said you could let her in?!"

Lu Tingxiao held out his arm and blocked his father who about to rush out.

At this moment, Ning Xi sat on Little Treasure's bedside. First, she quickly took off the coat on her, then she reached under the thick blanket placed on Little Treasure. Lastly, she carefully held the feverish and soft little guy in her embrace...

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