Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 501

In her dreams, Lu Tingxiao's words continued to replay in Ning Xi's mind...

One day, you will become Little Treasure's mother...

Mmm, become baby Little Treasure's mother...

If she really was his mother, how nice would that be...

She really, really liked Little Treasure...

She was still worried about Little Treasure after all, so she did not sleep soundly.

Ning Xi woke up after a little rest. The first thing she did after waking up was to look at the little bun in her embrace.

It was a good thing the little guy was still sleeping soundly between her arms, and his soft little fingers subconsciously held onto her clothes hem. His neck and back revealed a layer of sweat.

Good that he was starting to sweat, so that meant he was expelling the heat...

Ning Xi thought about this then immediately touched the little bun's forehead, it felt like the temperature had gone down quite a bit.

Lu Tingxiao was standing at the wide floor-to-ceiling window and looking at the sky revealing a sliver of light. When he heard movement from the bed, he immediately walked over. "You're awake."

Ning Xi touched the little bun's forehead and urged softly, "Lu Tingxiao, check if baby's fever has subsided a little? I feel like Little Treasure's body is not as feverish as before."

Lu Tingxiao nodded and used his huge palm to feel his son's forehead. His expression softened, "His temperature did reduce, don't worry, I'll call for the doctor to check."

"Mmm." Ning Xi nodded.

Lu Tingxiao went out for a while, when he returned, he was followed by Qin Mufeng and two other doctors.

Qin Mufeng attentively brought a thermometer over.

Lu Tingxiao took over the thermometer and carefully put it under Little Treasure's armpit.

A moment later, the results showed his temperature to be 37.8 degrees.

Even though it was still slightly feverish, it was much better than the previous 40-degree fever. In fact, it was reduced without any medications and this was not a simple feat.

Then, the other two doctors did a detailed check on Little Treasure again.

After last night's check, the doctors looked much more optimistic as they reported, "At this point, the Little Master's condition has stabilised, but we will still need to continue observing at least until tomorrow, past the 24-hour mark."

At this moment, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi had received the news and rushed in too. They quickly looked at the thermometer, and when they saw that the temperature had gone down, they breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yes, yes, we must still continue to observe. It's best to be careful. Who knows if the fever will return since before this it was fluctuating too..." Yan Ruyi said worriedly.

Lu Chongshan nodded in agreement. After a night of being tensed, they could finally relax a little. He dared not to imagine if something were to really happen to Little Treasure...

At this moment, Ning Xi who was hugging the little bun on the bed suddenly frowned and screamed, "Ahh..."

Instantly, everyone's nervous gazes fell on her.

Yan Ruyi, "What is it? What is wrong with Little Treasure?"

Lu Chongshan asked too, "What is it?"

The doctors' hearts were practically at their throats too. Nothing must happen to this little heir...

With everyone's anxious looks, Ning Xi wanted to say something but stopped. She looked awkwardly and made everyone question her even more worriedly.

At last, Lu Tingxiao walked over without a word. First, he rolled up his sleeves, then tugged Ning Xi's blanket away. His actions looked very natural as he started to massage her legs and asked with a calm voice, "Are your legs numb?"

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