Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 503

Lu Chongshan then told the butler, "Xing Wu, go prepare a generous gift for her."

These words were not only meant to imply that she was just a guest but also to completely void any relationships, a gesture to say that they owed each other nothing more after this.

To wreck the bridge after crossing the river, to throw something that practically saved one's life after using it...wasn't it obvious what he was doing?

Ning Xi did not actually care about what Lu Chongshan thought of her. Her only gripe was the thought of separating from the little bun again and she felt an ache in her bones. She subconsciously hugged the little bun even tighter.

She really did not want to...

She did not want to be separated from the little bun...

In that moment, she felt a strong tug in the corner of her heart. She had a crazy idea of taking the little bun away by force!

The atmosphere around Ning Xi instantly tingled with a chill as she skimmed the people present around her. She could estimate everyone's capabilities and knew that if she really wanted to, no one here except for Lu Tingxiao could stop her from taking Little Treasure away.

Probably due to him being able to sense Ning Xi's emotional roller coaster and the sudden cold in the air, the little bun, who was sleeping calmly in her embrace, frowned out of discomfort.

Ning Xi regained her senses and suppressed the impulse in her, patting the little bun's back to console him.

"Ruyi, go carry Little Treasure!" Lu Chongshan saw that the woman was not reacting to his offer and stayed unmoving instead, so he was irked.

Yan Ruyi nodded and was about to take over Little Treasure from Ning X's embrace when Lu Tingxiao was one step ahead and went over to Ning Xi's bedside. He indicated for Ning Xi to let him carry Little Treasure, "Ning Xi, allow me."

Ning Xi noticed the sudden movement and looked at Lu Tingxiao vigilantly. Even if it was Lu Tingxiao himself, she was still unwilling to give the little bun to him.

No! I'm not giving him! Baby Little Treasure is mine!

When he saw the girl putting up a fierce guard, a loving look flashed across Lu Tingxiao's eyes. His gaze was akin to warm waves washing ashore to surround her. His tender tone had a way of calming one's heart, "Be good, Xiao Xi, trust me, okay?"

Ning Xi stared straight at Lu Tingxiao and felt her eyes tearing up.

She doesn't trust him! She doesn't trust anyone!

Why? Why was it that even you want to rob me of Little Treasure?

No...no, that's not right...

Hah, this is not robbing. Little Treasure is originally theirs, not hers, not hers...

Ning Xi, what is wrong with you? What are you doing?

Ning Xi used all of her restraint to regain her senses. At last, she carefully passed over the little bun to Lu Tingxiao, while her gaze continued to cling onto him with a heavy heart, and her eyes were full of reluctance.

Lu Tingxiao could not help but smile in amusement as he watched the girl look at him as if he was a traitor.

Lu Chongshan nodded with satisfaction. "Xing Wu, go get the car ready!"

"Miss Ning, please follow me," Xing Wu acknowledged the orders and indicated for Ning Xi to leave with him.

Lu Tingxiao used one arm to carry the little bun who obviously seemed not unstable after changing embraces and used his other arm to guide Ning Xi behind him protectively.

Then, he looked at his parents coldly and said in a calm tone, "Father, Mother, thank you for taking care of Little Treasure for this period time. The office has not been terribly busy recently and Jingli will be back soon, so I won't trouble you with Little Treasure anymore."

As soon as he said that, the expression on Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi's faces immediately changed.

Yan Ruyi instantly said anxiously, "Tingxiao, what are you doing? Little Treasure has just recovered and not fully! Where do you want to bring him?"

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