Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 505

In the fuelled atmosphere in the living room, the unexpected voice of such an adorable, sleepy toddler who could melt everyone's hearts was like a crystal-clear chime in a terse silent moment.

All that remained on Lu Chongshan's gloomy face was a blank expression. Even Yan Ruyi widened her eyes...

Even Lu Tingxiao, who had been calm throughout, was immediately stunned. With his son in his embrace, he remained stiffly in the same spot. The child's voice still rang in his ear and if it had not been for the remnants of the little guy's breath and the expectant look in his eyes, he would have thought that he was having an illusion.

He had not heard that voice in a long time and it was just as he remembered it...

He thought he would never hear that voice ever again...

Because everyone present was just too bewildered, no one said anything for a while and all eyes fell on Little Treasure, their gazes full of expression but no words could come out.

The person even more shocked than Little Treasure's grandparents and father was probably Ning Xi. She was standing in front of Little Treasure, so not only did she hear him, but she also saw with her own two eyes the moment the little bun had spoken.

The little bun was oblivious to what an impact his actions had on everyone, only focusing on maintaining his arms open and wordlessly asking for a hug. When he saw that Ning Xi made no movement to hug him, he pouted and looked so sad that he was about to cry.

The stunned Ning Xi finally returned to her senses and rushed to take the little bun from Lu Tingxiao's arms for a hug.

Ning Xi actions were like a switch that snapped everyone else out of their shock.

"Tingxiao, Little Treasure...Little Treasure he just...did he just..."

"Did Little Treasure just speak earlier? Was it Little Treasure? Huh?"

Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan asked one question after another; they were so emotional that even their voices trembled.

All around, the doctors and servants too started to whisper to one another...

"Did you guys hear that? The Little Master spoke!"

"We heard, we heard it! The Little Master said 'hug'!"

"I thought I heard wrong, the Little Master hasn't spoken for two years!"

"This is miraculous! What actually happened?"

"I don't know! He just suddenly started speaking! I'm really amazed!"


When the little bun melted into Aunty Xiao Xi's embrace, he was finally satisfied and not even the noise around could affect him. He let out a delicate sneeze, then rested his head on Aunty Xiao Xi's fragrant shoulder and fell soundly asleep again.

He left the entire room in shock with his one careless word...

"Uhh...uhh Miss Ning, you heard that too? Was it really Little Treasure talking? Can you ask him to speak a little more?" Yan Ruyi requested carefully.

Lu Chongshan had completely forgotten his cruel instructions earlier and echoed, "Yes, yes, could you please?"

As she saw the sincere looks from Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan, Ning Xi patted the little bun gently on the back and awkwardly cleared her throat, "But Little Treasure is asleep now..."

Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan were speechless.

Did he fall asleep again? What a bummer! However, they knew that they could not wake their dearest grandson up at that moment.

Everyone's eyes fell onto Lu Tingxiao immediately.

Lu Tingxiao looked at his son with a flicker of complicated emotions in his gaze, then lightly touched his son's head with his warm palm and tenderly said, "Little Treasure did speak earlier but let's not rush him, we'll wait for him to wake up and see."

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