Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 506

No rush...? They had already waited for two years and they even thought that they would never have the chance to hear his voice again. Alas, they managed to see the day that Little Treasure spoke! How could they not feel the need to rush?

However, at this moment, they had no choice but to wait.

Because the little bun's voice had interrupted Xing Wu who was carrying out orders, he finally found the courage to ask, "Master Lu...do I still have to prepare the car?"

Lu Chongshan immediately shot him an unhappy look. "What for? Quickly get the kitchen to prepare dinner instead!"

Then, he cleared his throat and turned to Ning Xi uncomfortably, "Miss Ning, why don't you stay for dinner?"

There was no way he would be happy to have this woman stay but his dearest grandson had chosen to speak for the first time, not to his grandparents, father, or doctors, but to this woman.

"Yeah, stay for dinner. No, no, how about you stay for a few more days before leaving? Look, Little Treasure doesn't want to leave you too, does he?" Yan Ruyi spoke up as well.

As she faced the sudden change in attitude in the two old Lu's, Ning Xi subconsciously turned to Lu Tingxiao.

Lu Tingxiao frowned, he was not about to give in easily again. This time, he had to take Little Treasure away with him.

Since he was his biological son, Lu Chongshan could guess what Lu Tingxiao thought, so he said, "Even if you want to take Little Treasure away with you, at least wait until he has recovered a little more. That way, we would be more assured for him to go with you. If you take Little Treasure away now, you'd just be intentionally trying to worry us, wouldn't you?"

From the way he spoke...the stubborn Lu Chongshan was actually compromising...

Suspicion flitted across Lu Tingxiao's eyes, then he looked to Ning Xi and said, "Let's return to the room first and discuss when Little Treasure wakes up."

Little Treasure had just spoken. He was afraid that if he were to take Little Treasure away right at that moment, Lu Chongshan would really disown him and their kinship.

In such a situation, Ning Xi naturally understood as well. She nodded and carried the little bun back to his room.

As soon as Ning Xi brought the little bun into the room with her, outside, Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan who could not control their emotions anymore.

"Chongshan! Chongshan! Did you hear that? Did you? Our Little Treasure spoke! He really did! I thought that we would never see this day till the day we die!" Yan Ruyi started to cry.

"What nonsense? Didn't Little Treasure speak earlier? I already said that our Lu family is protected by the blessings of our ancestors, so Little Treasure will definitely recover!"

As he watched his parents get emotional, Lu Tingxiao stopped himself from saying anything further. He did not have the heart to dampen their enthusiasm.

Little Treasure had only said a single word. In fact, he had done it under little consciousness. Nevertheless, this was a huge breakthrough.

In the room, Ning Xi kissed the little bun's soft cheeks and she was so happy she could fly.

Hah! My little bun spoke, he spoke! My little bun let me hug him, he let me hug him!

At that moment, everyone waited nervously.

Thankfully, the little bun had rested enough after sleeping for a day and night. Earlier after waking up, he had only returned to his nap for a short while and very quickly, he was awake again.

When Ning Xi saw the little bun open his eyes, she was immediately overjoyed but uncertain at the same time. She was afraid that she would frighten him, so she asked gently, "Baby, are you awake?"

The little bun blinked as he started at Ning Xi. After a while, he blinked again, then finally when he confirmed that the person in front of him was Aunty Xiao Xi, his grape-like eyes instantly sparkled like there were stars in them...

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