Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 508

"Tingxiao, whats wrong with Little Treasure? Why does he have such a blank look on his face?" Yan Ruyi asked worriedly.

She looked forward to Little Treasure talking but he not only kept mute, he did not even respond. Of course, she was worried!

Lu Chongshan responded unhappily, "What blank look? He's just only recovered, its normal to have delayed reactions!"

Actually, Lu Chongshan could not hide his worry. Little Treasure had suffered from such a long spell of fever that it might have affected his brain

Qin Mufeng frowned, worried about Little Treasures condition as well since there was something unusual about the whole thing.

Ning Xi was playing with the little bun just a while ago, so she clearly knew that he was fine. But she felt a little awkward in front of Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi, and she was well aware that saying anything wrong could cause her trouble, so she tried to keep quiet. She played the role of an invisible person and solely focused on feeding the little bun.

Although Lu Tingxiao did not know anything about what went on inside everyone's minds, he looked calm and collected. He looked at his son, who was being fed by Ning Xi obediently, and casually spoke to him, "Little Treasure, there is something on Aunty Xiao Xis head."

Little Treasure instantly took a break from his dinner and looked up at Aunty Xiao Xis hair, then

he started combing through it with his small, tender hands.

He could not find it and looked at his father desperately. Where was it?

Lu Tingxiao then gave Ning Xi a deboned fish using his chopsticks, "Maybe I saw it wrongly."

Everyone was surprised.

Little Treasure was shocked.

Ning Xi was helpless at the mercy of the devils sneaky attack.

Both Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were speechless by their sons cunning act.

Qin Mufeng just coughed.

Lu Tingxiaos act reminded them that even though Little Treasure was sick and weak, he could still react well, therefore everything was fine!

He was only reacting to the things that he was interested in

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi just looked at each other, both not looking very happy about it.

Little Treasure probably wanted to ignore them because they had forcefully kept him by their side and had restricted him from meeting Ning Xi.

Sensing the air turn heavy, Qin Mufeng felt that he should do something as a psychiatrist.

Qin Mufeng let out a soft cough, then took out a paper and wrote a word on it. He put it in front of Little Treasure and asked him gently, "Little Treasure, do you know how to read this word?"

Qin Mufeng had written a "Xi" word on the paper.

"Xi" as in Ning Xi.

He was trying to make Little Treasure talk...

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were impressed by what the professional psychiatrist was trying to do.

Lu Tingxiao saw the word and remained silent.

Little Treasure stared at the word while everyone watched him.

As everyone was feeling nervous, Little Treasure looked at Qin Mufeng funnily then used a pen and wrote on the paper: "Xi"

He then put the pen away and looked at Ning Xi, signalling her to continue the feeding.

How naughty of Little Treasure! But he was too cute!

Qin Mufeng was speechless. He thought he was smart, but apparently not as smart as this kid

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