Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 509

Although Qin Mufeng was outsmarted by the little bun, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi looked much better now. They were no longer worried if Little Treasures brain had been affected by the fever.

They knew that Little Treasure was actually a smart little kid!

He had done it on purpose when he gave Qin Mufeng a funny look.

This kid looked and behaved exactly like Lu Tingxiao when he was still a child; both of them did not like to talk but they were really intelligent!

Both the elders looked at Little Treasure with love and pride, and Qin Mufeng cringed internally at what happened but at least his sacrifice made some contribution and sparked the kids intelligence.

In the end, the dinner ended in peace but it could have been better. No matter how much they tried, Little Treasure kept his mouth firmly shut.

Ning Xi knew that they would have something to discuss after dinner, so she brought Little Treasure back to the room first.

"What now? Little Treasure still refuses to speak!" Yan Ruyi sighed and Lu Chongshans expression darkened.

To redeem his reputation, Qin Mufeng started to explain in his professional opinion, "Its understandable, Little Treasure still remains silent because the trauma is still there. Subconsciously, he kept himself in a state of aloofness and self-protection.

"Yet, when hes in a totally relaxed state with someone he can fully trust, he will talk without any guidance. And this is similar to what Ive predicted before."

"So you're saying that to get Little Treasure to talk again, wed need...that" Lu Chongshan coughed, he stopped himself from using the phrase 'that woman', "wed still need Ning Xi?"

Qin Mufeng nodded, "Yes, Ning Xi is the key factor here, or more specifically, the decisive factor."

Actually, Qin Mufeng had said this again and again, but Lu Chongshan was too stubborn and refused to listen to him.

Their hopes were dashed by this conclusion, causing Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi to feel a little disappointed.

Yan Ruyi sighed again, "Weve looked for so many doctors before and all of them said that Little Treasure might never be able to speak again. At least, now we know that its possible that he can!"

Lu Chongshan nodded, "Yes, its something worth noting!"

He then looked at his son who stood at the side, "Follow me."

In the study room.

Lu Chongshan stayed silent for a little while, as though he was deliberating an important decision.

After a few moments, he spoke, "You can take Little Treasure away."

Lu Tingxiao was not surprised by Lu Chongshans decision. Nevertheless, the change in his decision was much better than the scenarios he had imagined in mind and he did nto expect Little Treasure to speak either.

"I admit that I didnt take good enough care of Little Treasure while he was here, its my responsibility. But handing Little Treasure over to you doesnt mean I completely trust you. If Little Treasure has any issues when he's with you, Ill take him back immediately and you shall have no objections to it. What do you think?" Lu Chongshan asked him with a serious expression.

Lu Tingxiao nodded, "Agreed."

Lu Chongshan turned away and waved his hand impatiently as if afraid of regretting his decision. "You can go now."

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