Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 510

In Little Treasures bedroom.

Ning Xi was holding the little bun tightly and her thoughts were wildly speculating about "Operation Stealing Bun".

Even though she had bought herself a little more time now, in the end, she would still have to be separated from the little bun. She desperately wanted to take the little bun and run away now!

As she was having all sorts of thoughts, a deep voice came through, "What are you thinking about?"

"Bun stealing!" Ning Xi said without thinking.

"Haha!" the man laughed.

Ning Xi then realized it was the devil talking to her and she looked up in fear.

Its all over now! She had actually told him her unforgivable plan!

"Both?" Lu Tingxiao asked mysteriously.

Ning Xi was wondering what he meant, then she understood and blushed.

The devil was asking her if she wanted to steal both the big bun and the small bun! How cunning!

Well, actually she wanted to

Lu Tingxiao stopped teasing her and commanded, "Lets go."

"Go?" Ning Xis expression fell.

Finally, it was time to leave

The little bun realized something was wrong and he held on to Ning Xi tightly as he looked at his father with an aloof expression.

Under the intense stare of the both of them, Lu Tingxiao replied with a gentle gaze, "Lets go...together."

Until they were bundled together in the same car, Ning Xi still could not believe it. She had actually left the house with the little bun in her arms

It was like a dream come true! What an unexpected bout of happiness!

It seemed like Lu Tingxiao had successfully persuaded his parents

Ning Xi sighed in relief. The little bun will be staying in Platinum Palace from now on and it will be easier for her to visit him.

But the end result was far more surprising than she had expected.

Lu Tingxiao had Cheng Feng stop at her apartment, then he opened the door and let Ning Xi and the little bun down from the car.

"This is" Ning Xi was dumbfounded.

Lu Tingxiao looked at the confused girl and his son who was clinging onto Ning Xi now and he said gently, "You dont have to steal the little bun. Ill give him to you."

"Huh?!" Ning Xi was really confused now.

What did the devil mean?

He...he was giving the little bun to her directly?

This is your son, how could you?! Is he really your biological son?!

But...it was her dream after all

Now, she did not have to steal him away as the owner was just giving him to her?

The little bun was surprised by his fathers words as well. In fact, he did not look sad for being abandoned by his father, instead, his eyes were shining and he looked really happy!

Great! Father is giving me away!

When he saw his sons genuine smile that obviously showed that he was not feeling heavy-hearted about being separated from his father, Lu Tingxiao was a little at a loss.

"Hmm...boss, you...youre just kidding right?" Ning Xi asked in disbelief.

Lu Tingxiao picked his son up in his arms and walked right into the apartment. He was proving through his actions that he was serious about it.

Lu Tingxiao reminded Ning Xi, who was still in a daze, when they reached her place, "Open the door."

"Oh" Ning Xi quickly took out her keys and unlocked the door.

Lu Tingxiao put his son down when he got inside and told her, "You shouldnt have any jobs for a while, so Ill have Little Treasure stay with you for this period of time. If there is anything urgent, just give me a call, Ill have Butler Yuan over to take care of Little Treasure."

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