Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 515

At the same time, at the biggest casino in Las Vegas.

Thick stacks of account books were placed on the table inside a luxuriously-lined box. A gentleman with gold-framed glasses sat on a leather sofa.

A pool of blood was growing right below the mans foot while a bald man twitched, covering a bloody stump where his right arm used to be. Everyone else was nervous and sweat flowed profusely from all the brows in the room...

The laptop on the table suddenly turned on by itself and a single crimson "S" appeared on the screen together with a loud blaring alarm.

Everyone who saw the alphabet was terrified.

An S class mission!

Did something serious happen?

Even Tang Ye was worried, so he raised his hand and signalled for everyone to leave.

Everyone went out quickly and left Tang Ye alone.

Tang Ye pressed a button on the keyboard and a visual appeared on the screen.

The sound of waves came roaring through the speaker and a dark silhouette was seen on a wooden deck under the moonlight in front of a bright night sky full of stars.

Tang Ye looked worried and asked, "Satan, what happened?"

The missions from the organization were ranked into four classes: A, B, C, and D. Missions that were ranked crucial overtook the A class and were labeled S class missions.

The last time he had taken on an S class mission was three years ago and he was almost wiped out altogether, hence Tang Ye's anxiety was perfectly normal.

On the screen, the silhouette was looking at the star-splashed sky with one of his leg bent on the chair and an arm waving around casually over the top of his head. He then answered the nerve-wrecked Tang Ye, "Ye, am I really not good at getting the ladies?"

Tang Ye was speechless.

After all the ruckus and mental preparation for some terrible news, what he got was a nonsensical question. Tang Yes face crumpled. "Youre contacting me just to ask this?"

"Of course not." The man gave him a haughty look, then reminded him, "Ye, you havent answered my question."

Even though he was used to the mans unreasonable nature, Tang Ye was still annoyed. He took a deep breath and calmed himself down before sighing, "Yes."

"Ah, as expected of you. Only you would tell me the truth," the man sighed and asked again, "Do you think I should propose to her?"

"What?" Tang Ye's knees almost gave way. Propose? This guy...did he even think things through properly?

"Mmm, Im such a genius!" the man answered himself rhetorically without waiting for Tang Yes reply.

Tang Ye pinched the space between his eyebrows in frustration. "Satan, Im going to remind you again, things arent looking good right now. You cannot leave the area youre in, not at least for the next one month."

"Of course, I know, youll go on my behalf instead!" the man said as a matter-of-factly.

Tang Ye looked calm on the surface but he was really frustrated. He said slowly and clearly, "So, your so-called S class mission is to help you propose to my Little Junior Sister?"

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