Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 517

Ning Xi measured the little buns temperature before the meal and was relieved to see that it was normal.

The little bun not talking was the least of her worries.

The most important thing to Ning Xi was the health of the little buns body. Of course, she would have liked to hear him speak soon, but she would not force him to do anything he did not like; he would speak when he felt like it.

After breakfast, Ning Xi remembered something. "Ah! I almost forgot! I brought you guys some presents!"


Little buns eyes were shining in glee.

Ning Xi went back to her room and took out two sky blue colored bags, one for the little bun and one for the big bun.

Lu Tingxiao took the bag for him and said in surprise, "I get one too?"

"Of course!"

The devils present was the most expensive one!

Lu Tingxiao opened the bag and saw a suit inside, then he took a peek into his sons bag. In it was was a child-sized suit that looked exactly like his own.

Ning Xi probably enjoyed watching them wearing matching outfits.

But apart from the suits, there was something else different between the bags. Ning Xi bought the little bun a fluffy toy bear that he could clip onto his bag and Lu Tingxiao received a tie pin.

"How is it? Is it okay? Do you like them?" Ning Xi asked nervously.

The little bun rushed back into his room and took out his bag, he gave it to Ning Xi and wordlessly requested her to help him put the bear on it.

Lu Tingxiao asked, "Would you like me to put it on for you?"

Ning Xi was really happy when she heard his offer and she nodded, "Yes, please!"

The little bun quickly took his suit and went to change as well.

Ning Xi held her chin in the palms of her hands and waited for them excitedly.

She was also a little worried because the color she had picked this time was probably challenging the devils limit

She had picked sapphire blue the last time and this time, it was...red!

She bet that the devil had never worn anything red in his life before

Of course, it was not a terribly bright red color. Instead, it was a distinguished maroon color.

She was really surprised when the devil had said that he would put it on when he saw it because she was afraid that he would not even bother trying it on!

After some waiting, both of them came out at almost the same time.

Seeing the big bun and the little bun together, Ning Xi was dumbfounded.

They looked extremely handsome!

How could they be so dapper!

She did not expect the devil to look that cool in red. As expected of the devil, he could pull it off well.

And because she had never seen the devil wear red before, she felt really excited.

"How is it?" Lu Tingxiao raised his brows in question although he actually already knew what the girl thought about the look when he saw her expression.

He had really never worn such a color before in his life, but since it was a present from her, he put it on without thinking any further.

Mmm, as long as the wife picked it out, he would wear anything she chose

"Sooooocool!" Ning Xi was impressed by their smart dressing.

Lu Tingxiaos suit was a three-piece with a vest and coat while the little buns had braces holding up his trousers and was finished with a bow tie. They both definitely look like showstoppers!

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