Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 519

After the news was out, the group chat exploded like cold water being added into boiling oil. New messages kept spilling in quickly, one after another

[Little Master!? Dont try to lie! Its impossible that CEO Lu would bring Little Master to the office!]

[Did you make a mistake? How do you know he is the Little Master?]

[Ive been here for five years and Ive never even seen a wisp of his hair!]

[So, the Little Master is real? I thought it was just a rumor!]

[Even if theres a kid, it can't be the Little Master. CEO Lu keeps a low profile. Why would he bring his son to the office?]

The secretary was angered by their doubts, so she replied: [He is the Little Master! He looks exactly the same as CEO Lu, how could I possibly be mistaken? They even wore matching outfits! Ive never seen CEO Lu wearing such bright colors! Do you know what color he wore today? Red! He wore red to match his son! The point is, they are so handsome! Even more so than his usual self!]

As the secretary described the nitty-gritty, more people started to believe her.

[I need pictures! Its unfair that only you get to see it!]

[I was shocked when I saw them, theres no time for pictures! CEO Lu is already in the lift, look for yourselves later!]

Because the secretary had informed them beforehand, suddenly everyone left their workstations and trained their eyes on the lift.

After some waiting, finally


The lift door slid open.

Lu Tingxiao was holding hands with a boy as they walked out of the lift.

They had only seen their boss in black, but he really wore red today!

And the boss was holding hands with a young boy who was around five years old, both dressed in matching suits of the same color. That perfect little face was just like a miniature version of Lu Tingxiao. Even his cool expression was exactly the same as Lu Tingxiaos.

Everyone was shocked speechless until someone reacted and quickly greeted, "Morning, CEO Lu! Morning, Little Master!"

The rest of them started echoing the greetings.

It was a grand scene to see how everyone bowed to them, yet the five-year-old looked really calm and there was no change in his expression.

However, he was still sad about being separated from Aunty Xiao Xi and did not notice what was happening around him.

As both of them stepped into the CEO's office, everyone started discussing them...

"Jesus! It really is Little Master!"

"Little Master sure has good genes! Im starting to wonder who his mother is!"

"CEO Lu actually wore red! Ive always thought the only color in his wardrobe is black! Obviously, I still dont know enough!"

"Actually...the one thing I'm most curious about is who bought the matching outfit for CEO Lu and Little Master? And who made them wear it?"

"Right! CEO Lu probably wouldnt buy it himself and he wouldnt wear this color voluntarily! Itd still be okay if it were Second Master!"

"Why do you ask? Of course, its our future lady boss!"

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