Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 520

Ning Xi rang the doorbell of the hotel room.

Almost immediately after she rang it, the door opened.

The youth who answered the door looked uneasy and nervous, not able to hide his excitement. "Boss! You're here!"

When he saw Ning Xi, Gong Shangze looked slightly relieved.

After all, Ning Xi's appearance in Los Angeles was so abrupt. He had not slept well last night, afraid that he would wake up to find that this was all a dream. He woke up the first thing in the morning and waited for Ning Xi to come for him, afraid that she would not appear or that something wrong he had done would make her regret and change her mind. He was afraid that he would fall into another pit of hopelessness and despair...

Thankfully, she was here.

Ning Xi looked at Gong Shangze who was dressed up and asked, "Ready? Let's just go then."

"Mmm, let's go!"

"Have you eaten breakfast?"

"Yes, I have. The hotel provides it in the morning."

"Okay, then let's go now! We'll go view some houses first, okay? Once we're done, we can immediately go prepare all that's needed!"



Later, when Ning Xi looked closely, she realized that in the information that Lu Tingxiao had prepared for her, he had even planned the house viewing in chronological order and included the best routes to take. She was speechless by this, and at the same time, she felt warmth flood her heart.

For the entire morning, she had brought Gong Shangze to view quite a few places in a go. They all deserved to be called the devil's recommendations since every area was very suitable and even the landlords were extremely courteous.

In the end, both of them decided on a high-class office building in the south of the city.

The studio was a perfect size. The renovations were simple and all the office supplies were also ready, so they could immediately move in. It certainly fulfilled her needs very well. The best part was that surrounding the studio was mostly companies related to art and fashion design, providing a fantastic atmosphere.

After Ning Xi discussed with Gong Shangze, they immediately decided to settle on that place.

After signing the contract with the landlord, they both prepared to purchase items to furnish the studio.

"We mainly need to settle the purchasing for these two days, then we can go recruit some people from the talent market..." Ning Xi was just telling Gong Shangze all of this when a group of young people came their way.

These people were dressed in the trendiest outfits and the man in the middle seemed to be the leader. He looked delighted and arrogant.

"Teacher Dai, you're amazing! At the latest Los Angeles Fashion Week, all the Chinese fashion designers were blown away by you! Even CL's chief designer, Mr. Smith, was praising you tons!"

"What is the meaning of that? Since returning this round, half of the most popular actresses in the entertainment circle were wearing Teacher Dai's designs!"

"I heard that Teacher Dai is preparing to join the Golden Award. This coming Golden Award will be a shoo-in for Teacher Dai!"


Ning Xi initially wanted to casually look around, so she did not pay much attention. However, she realized that after Gong Shangze saw that group of people, his expression instantly changed.

To be more accurate, it was after he saw the man in the middle of that group that he seemed different.

Mmm, she heard all those people addressing the man in the middle as "Teacher Dai". Could it be...

"Shangze, you know him?" Ning Xi saw that something was not right, so she asked her companion.

Gong Shangze balled his hand into a tight fist and looked hard as he nodded, "Yes."

Ning Xi understood, "Is he the one who stole your design drafts, that asshole of a teammate Dai Wei?"

"Yes." Gong Shangze stared stonily at the man across them until the group of people passed them.

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