Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 521

Ning Xi suddenly thought of something which she found a little weird, "Eh, Shangze, just now the both of you were so close, that Dai Wei even looked over to us. How come he didn't recognize you?"

At that moment, the gloominess on Gong Shangze's face evaporated. When he heard Ning Xi's question, he blushed then said, "Actually, even though I was a fashion designer myself, but because I worked on the designs every day, I left all the networking to Dai Wei. Thus, I did not care much about how I looked and dressed, so...so...even before my begging days, I didn't have a stellar image to begin with..."

"Pfft...no wonder! You really are an odd one in the fashion design industry!" Ning Xi laughed.

Imagine a fashion designer who cared little about their own image! And moreover, this guy could even torture himself to turn into a beggar...

Ning Xi coughed slightly, then gathered her thoughts. She evaluated the pretty boy beside her closely and reminded him, "The next time you're not allowed to be like that anymore. No more next time, in fact. A good-spirited face works wonders for your creations, okay? Most importantly, you have such a strong foundation that you're practically a living brand, you're too unappreciative of yourself! Look at that Dai Wei, he dresses particularly and has put on even more makeup than a woman. He even wore colored contact lenses and waxed his hair, yet he's still not half as handsome as you!"

Gong Shangze blushed further at her compliments. "Boss, you're too exaggerative!"

Ning Xi raised her brows in mock surprise. "I'm not! If you don't believe me, just wait till you get a group of crazy female fans!"

Hahaha, even the devil was jealous of these good looks, so she was not exaggerating at all.

If it was not for his talent in design, she would have already dragged him into the entertainment circle.

"Right, what's the Golden Award? Is it really that amazing?" Ning Xi asked curiously.

"Mmm, it is considered China's most influential fashion design award. There is still half a month's time to register, it's a tight timeline but, Boss, I want to try!" Gong Shangze's eyes shone with determination.

"You want to join? Of course, it's a good thing! If there's anything you need my help with, I will support you with my all!" Ning Xi patted Gong Shangze's shoulder as she told him.

"Thank you, Boss! It means a lot to me!"

Previously, designing was just doing it as a hobby. Apart from design, he was not interested in anything else. However this time, he was treating it as a career-driven task, as his belief and his goals.

Most importantly, he wanted to prove to the person in front of him that she had made the right choice!

At the Lu Corporation, CEO's office.

Ever since the little bun came in, he had been holding onto the telescope and had not left the windowsill. Even lunchtime was spent eating and lying on the windowsill; he was practically a red little blob sitting as still as a stone.

Lu Tingxiao looked up from his stack of documents and noticed that his son remained unmoving at the windowsill. He looked unhappy and said, "Little Treasure, go sleep in the lounge area for a while."

The little bun laid there without moving. I'm not going!

Lu Tingxiao shot his son a look and said, "Your Aunty Xiao Xi rested in that room a few days ago."

Once the little bun heard that, he rolled off the windowsill and ran to the lounge area.

He had finally coaxed his son into sleeping for a while. Lu Tingxiao breathed a sigh of relief and continued his work.

However, not long after, the little guy was awake again and had changed his method of torturing his father.

Obviously lying on the windowsill to lookout could no longer satisfy him. The little bun took out his own writing board and started to write.

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