Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 522

The little bun quickly finished writing and ran up to show his father: [Why hasn't Aunty Xiao Xi picked me up yet?]

Lu Tingxiao looked at the writing board and said, "She's busy."

The little bun continued: [Is it because Aunty Xiao Xi doesn't want me anymore?]

Lu Tingxiao replied, "You're overthinking."

Little bun: [Then why hasn't she picked me up yet?]

Lu Tingxiao replied again, "I don't know, you can send her a message to ask her."

Little bun: [I don't want to! I'd disturb Aunty Xiao Xi! Does Aunty Xiao Xi really like me?]

Lu Tingxiao was speechless and his mouth twitched into a smile as he helplessly looked up from his mountain of work. This little guy was worried about disturbing Aunty Xiao Xi, but he wasn't afraid of disturbing his own father now?

The unsettled little bun naturally did not worry about disturbing his dad at all and continued to ask a hundred thousand why's...

[Will Aunty Xiao Xi suddenly stop liking me?]

[Aunty Xiao Xi hasn't come to pick me up yet. Could it be that she's taken a liking of other kids instead?]

[Will Aunty Xiao Xi like me forever?]

[Am I Aunty Xiao Xi's favorite baby?]


Lu Tingxiao was speechless by all of this.

My wife, why haven't you returned yet?

For the first time in his life, Lu Tingxiao felt that it was hard to take care of kids...

At this moment, outside CEO Lu's office.

The silence in the working area was suddenly broken by the sound of an excited voice, "Hey, hey! My dearest babies, Little Master is back!"

Despite it being winter soon, at the entrance of the lift stood Lu Jingli, wearing a short-sleeved floral blouse with a hula skirt on his waist and slippers on his feet. His hair was a mess, as if a reminisce of his time by the sea. He was indeed an eye-catching sight.

Nevertheless, even though he dressed like crap, he was still eye candy and all the female employers shrieked emotionally.

"Second...Second Master!!!"

"Aaaaaah! Second Master is back!"

"Second Master, you're back! Didn't you say you were taking a three-month holiday?"


Lu Jingli handsomely ruffled his messy hair and laughed, "Hahaha! Of course, it was because I missed you guys."

"Aaaaaah! Second Master, we really missed you too!!!"

"Second Master, the way you dress today is really impressive!"

"So handsome, so handsome, so handsome! Second Master, can we take a picture together?"


What day was it? Lady Luck was on their side! Not only did they see the Little Master, even Second Master who had been on vacation for a long time returned.

"Haha, please do! Right, babes, I've brought back some souvenirs for you all! Everyone gets one," Lu Jingli said as he delightedly clapped his hands.

Behind him, a few servants walked in carrying several big boxes.

Everyone stared and saw that the boxes were filled with big coconuts...

Lu Jingli said arrogantly, "These are all personally picked by yours truly. I almost broke my head getting these for you!"

"Aaaah, Second Master, you're too thoughtful!"

"Such a special souvenir! I love it! Thank you, Second Master!"

"Second Master, can you please sign on my coconut?"

"Mine too, Mine too! Actually, can you sign on my body?"


As they watched the group of female employees rush up excitedly, all the male employees could not bear looking at the scene. Haih, if a person was born handsome, even if they had poor fashion sense, they could still win the hearts of a bevy of beauties by simply gifting coconuts...

While they mulled this over, a few of them actually embarrassedly took a coconut to him for his signature...


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