Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 530

"CEO Lu stays just beside Second Master, so it shouldn't take him too long to drop by. He'll probably give Second Master face and come, isn't that right, Second Master?"

"Second Master, is your brother coming or not, you have to tell us!"


Lu Jingli who was being surrounded by a crowd of people scoffed unhappily, "Are you guys here to see me or to see my brother?"

"Uhh...obviously we're here to see you! It's been so long, everyone misses you so much!"

Lu Jingli's attractive face stiffened and he said, "How much faker can you get?!"

To prevent being compared to his brother's charming red suit, Lu Jingli intentionally wore an especially bright pink color, looking like a delicious strawberry flavored candy. While he complained about all the girls who were here to take their chances in a relationship, all the gorgeous girls cozied up to him and temporarily forgot about Lu Tingxiao...

"Second Master, everyone was so bored to death all the time you were gone! We've all been looking forward to your return!"

"Second Master, your outfit is so eye-catching! It suits you very well! You're so handsome!"

"How did you get more handsome after we haven't met for just a few days?"


Listening to all the compliments, Lu Jingli finally felt better again. Yet just as a delighted smile started to form on his handsome face, sounds of shrieks coming from the door broke the air.

"Aaaaaaah! It's CEO Lu!"

"Bro Xiao! Bro Xiao, you really came!"

"Oh my God! Master Xiao is wearing red today! Someone, please hold me, I'm about to faint!"


Lu Jingli was speechless once again from being suddenly blatantly ignored.

This cruel world! Where's the light and justice? Could it be due to his shining good looks that everyone else had gotten tired of aesthetics? It seemed like he'd have to change his tricks following this hoo-ha. First, he should be cool to the people around him for a few days, then intensely flirtatious. That should definitely be earth-shattering!

As these thoughts raced through his mind, he saw his brother walk coolly towards him and he could almost envision the man walking on an icy path with his own chilly breeze lending a flair or dramatics. Lu Jingli instantly decided to forget about his grand plan and just continue to flaunt his God-given looks. Forget about that highly difficult challenge!

Oblivious to the scorching gazes surrounding him, Lu Tingxiao walked straight to Lu Jingli and sat down on the stool beside him before asking, "Where's Ning Xi?"

Lu Jingli was speechless. The first thing he wanted to ask about was his wife.

"She's not here yet!" Lu Jingli answered sharply.

Lu Tingxiao was someone that one could only observe from afar and not mess around with, so even though the beauties on the side were swooning, they dared not randomly walked up to him. They could only observe him from a distance and gossip among themselves. Obviously, of course, there were some with more courage and guts.

In the crowd, a woman wearing a red dress walked up to him and said, "Mr. Lu, long time no see!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl who stood in front of him with a wine glass in her hand, then he frowned. A frigidness flashed across the depths of his eyes, then his icy gaze fell onto his brother.

At his brother's sudden glare, Lu Jingli almost choked on his booze.

Damn it! Jesus! Why did this woman come over?

Wasn't this Zhuang Keer, one of the well-liked candidates from their parents' list of potential daughters-in-law, who also held the title of Imperial's number one socialite, and was widely circulated as the woman who was most likely to be Lu Tingxiao's new wife?

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