Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 536

The girl in black held a glass of red wine and looked at Ning Xi flirtatiously. Then, she spoke flightily in front of Lu Jingli, "Bro Jingli, don't you want to introduce your new friend to us?"

As he watched the twin look at Ning Xi seductively, Lu Jingli felt his mouth twitch. Introduce, my ass! How was he supposed to introduce this person? As his sister-in-law?

He felt psychologically exhausted...

Lu Jingli held his forehead to hide his expression and mumbled, "The two of you...ask him yourself!"

The two girls looked at each other, then walked straight to Ning Xi.

The girls in white smiled sweetly, "Hi, I'm Qiao Yan!"

The girl in black raised her glass and echoed, "I'm Qiao Ran! Shall we get to know each other?"

Lu Jingli gritted his teeth and whispered into Ning Xi's ear, "Xiao Xi Xi, you're quite the popular one! Big Qiao and small Qiao have high standards, this is their first time taking the initiative to flirt with a guy!"

Ning Xi shot Lu Jingli a look, then turned to the two girls and managed a short smile, "Nice to meet you."

The younger sister, Qiao Ran, immediately sat on the sofa beside Ning Xi and inched very closely, practically sticking onto her, "Handsome, what's your surname?"

Ning Xi helped the little bun cut the cake into smaller bits as she answered, "My surname is Tang."

Even though Ning Xi seemed nonchalant, Qiao Ran who was only here on a manhunt suddenly felt her heart skip a beat watching her thoughtfully take care of the kid. She only broke out of her daydream after a while and returned to smiling sweetly, "Bro Tang, is it?"

"Bro Tang, you seem really skilled in fighting!" the older sister Qiao Yan asked with obvious interest.

Ning Xi smiled and tousled the little bun's soft hair as she leaned on his forehead to answer Qiao Yan, "Not really, just some freestyle martial arts."

As they chatted, little Qiao immediately clung onto Ning Xi and gushed, "Bro Tang, you're so humble. We sisters have been interested in such things since a young age. Sadly, our family won't let us learn it. Bro Tang, would you teach us?"

Ning Xi shot a look at the girl's uncomfortably close body and said without a change in expression, "Such a thing is not suitable for you girls."

Lu Jingli coughed from the sidelines.

Not suitable for you girls??? You punk, aren't you a girl?! She was too into her acting role now!

After getting rejected, little Qiao immediately asked sadly, "Bro Tang, are you only saying this because you hate us?"

"I'm afraid of hurting you two. However, I could teach you a few styles of simple self-defence."

"Okay! Bro Tang, you're really kind!"

This was when a few other girls saw the opportunity to join the crowd too. "Uhh...can we join you? We want to learn too!"


The group of girls who came up to Ning Xi pushed Lu Jingli to the side until he had nowhere to sit and he could just walk to the only place where the girls did not dare step foot in, which was the space beside his brother. He said bitterly to him, "Bro, uhh...do I still need to tell sister-in-law to leave?"

Lu Jingli regretted it almost instantly after saying that.

Leave, my ass! Ning Xi was practically fitting in here, they were worrying for nothing!

Now, the person he should be worried about was his brother!

It was blatantly obvious that Lu Tingxiao's anger bar chart...was continuing to accumulate...

There was a saying that went, if one does not erupt in silence, one would be destroyed in silence!

Lu Jingli had a bad premonition as his eyelids started to twitch nonstop. He felt like something earth-shatteringly frightening might happen tonight...

It could not go on like this, he had to think of something!

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