Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 539

When Ning Xi was it again for the third time, she did not pick truth anymore. "Dare."

If she continued to choose truth, Small Qiao would never let her get away with any more simple questions. Who knew what sort of questions she would ask this time?

If the devil was not here, she would not mind answering anything but the devil was sitting right there, so she dared not to go overboard.

Although Lu Tingxiao was just sitting in the corner like an invisible wallflower, Ning Xi could detect his presence at all times and she felt his gaze getting sharper by the minute

Hmm, someone who was jealous of Gong Shangze would not be jealous of these girls, would he?

Small Qiao was a little disappointed when Ning Xi chose dare because her questions that she had mentally prepared would not be used but she had an alternative!

Small Qiao coughed lightly, then announced her planned dare, "Bro Tang, the task is easy: pick one of the girls among us tonight to be your girlfriend for half a day!"

Small Qiao felt bashful following the split-second stunned silence that came after.

A man would surely understand what she meant. If he picked her, even if was just a name game, she could make the act become the real deal, half a day would transform into eternity

Actually, at first she was going to ask for a kiss but she changed her mind. A kiss was not enough and she wanted more, she simply wanted everything from this man.

Everyone understood what Small Qiao implied after hearing her request and all the girls were jealous but they kept quiet because they knew that they could not do anything against the twins. All the men were also helplessly watching this new kid snatch away their girls.

"Oh, my goddess Small Qiao! Damn it!"

"Dont worry, with Small Qiao gone, theres still Big Qiao!"

"Big Qiao wouldnt be straggling far behind after Small Qiao was picked. They think alike, so naturally, theyd like the same type of guys. This kid settled Small Qiao, which means Big Qiao will fall right into his hands as well! This...is what I call heavenly blessings!"

"Damn it! Where did this kid come from?! He just stole all our girls!"

"Second Master, what are you doing?! What about the singles party you promised us? You said that thered be a bunch of pretty girls for us single ones, is this what you meant by that?"

Lu Jingli was annoyed that he was suddenly targeted, so he just replied, "All of you cant even beat this one guy, can you blame me for that?"

He was not cruel enough to tell them that they had lost to a girl!

Small Qiao was patiently waiting for the mans answer, then she looked at Zhuang Keer.

At the corner, Zhuang Keer chewed on her lower lip apprehensively after she was provoked by Small Qiao. She did not want to see them anymore but she refused to leave, convincing herself that her target was Lu Tingxiao and not the mysterious man.

Lu Tingxiaos treasured son was here today as well, so she should probably attempt to get closer to Lu Tingxiao and his son while everyone was focused on Ning Xi.

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