Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 541

At that exact moment, only the clanking of plates and utensils was heard and everyone's breath was stuck in their throats

Lu Jingli was shocked and threw up the alcohol he had drunk, the ointment in Zhuang Keer's grip fell onto the floor and was now in shattered pieces, Big Qiao's mouth was parted in a surprised "O", Small Qiao was totally in shock

The other person who was even more shocked than Small Qiao was Ning Xi herself.

What the heck?!

What was the devil doing?!

Before Ning Xis eyes could pop out, Lu Tingxiao slowly lifted his lips from hers but he still held by her waist as if declaring his dominance over her. He looked at the dumbfounded Small Qiao with his sharp eyes, then asked in a deep voice, "Are there any more problems?"

She had been asking Ning Xi why was she not picked. Now she shook her head from side to side vigorously like a bobblehead doll.

Bro Tang had not lied to her. Indeed, there was no girlfriend! But he had a boyfriend! And his boyfriend was Lu Tingxiao! Oh, my god!

Lu Jingli put his hands to his forehead, feeling sorry for the girl who seemed like her brain was getting fried.

Silly child, there are so many more guys in the world, yet you were trying to snatch the tigers prey

Ning Xi tried to break free of Lu Tingxiao's hold. She struggled and failed, trying very hard not to hit him.

"Lu Tingxiao...are you crazy? Do you know what you are doing?"

Lu Tingxiao had not a drop of regret, replying as a matter-of-factly, "I'm handling trouble."

Ning Xi was speechless and really wished that she could sink into the floor.

Even if he was trying to help her out of the situation, did he not realize that she was assuming a mans identity?

Kissing in public was enough of a shocker, what more that they seemed to be two guys going at it!

She was fine with it since no one knew her but it was different for his case. Did he think the earlier rumors were not exaggerative enough? It was still a rumor the last time but now he had made it a fact!

This man is simply too capricious for his own good!

Ning Xi huffed in anger, "Let go!"

Not only did he tighten her grip on her, upon he seeing the masked worry within the girls incensed eyes, he even closed in on her and kissed her again

Ning Xi was in shock as she felt the warmth on her lips again.

What was happening? Was the devil infected with some sort of virus?

Splash! Some unlucky guy was too shocked and lost his balance, accidentally falling into the pool

Yet again, for the second time, jaws dropped as those present were stunned to see what was happening in front of them

What was going on?!

They were privy to such a big secret tonight. Could they still leave the place alive?


Even though they were both men, but...but it felt like they were actually a perfect match for each other.

One was wild and precocious, the other one was strong and dominant, their kiss making people blush and heart rates present race through the roof!

Wake up! Wake up! How could they have such creepy thoughts?!

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