Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 546

On the next morning.

While Lu Jingli was still dreaming about successfully getting some pretty ladies, suddenly, his room door was flung open violently. Bam!

What happened?! Who was that?

Damn it, he sleeps naked! Was someone going to rape him?

Lu Jingli's first reaction was to cover himself up with a blanket, then he saw something much worse than a nightmare. Both his parents were standing by his bed looking enraged as if they were going to beat him up any second like they did when he had poked a beehive for fun.

Lu Jingli was terrified and any sense of sleepiness vanished altogether. "Uh...Father, Mother...what are you doing here this early?"

"You bastard! Im going to kill you!" Yan Ruyi started attacking him without explaining a thing, Lu Chongshan joining in with his walking stick as well.

Lu Jingli rolled across the bed to evade his parents attack. "Wow! What are you guys doing?! Dont aim for my face! Am I really your son? Ah, dont grab my blanket, Im naked...can we talk after I put on some clothes?"

"Ill give you two minutes, come out quickly!" Yan Ruyi went out with her husband and closed the door. The two of them waited in the living room angrily.

Lu Jingli quickly dressed up, then opened the window

He would be a fool to go out there obediently!

It must have been something terrible for them to bother him this early in the morning!

Too bad for him, Lu Chongshan expected his little trick and caught him red-handed. "Bastard, I knew you were going to run away! Come here!"

In the end, Lu Jingli could not escape his fate.

Lu Jingli sat on the sofa while scratching his head with a scowl. "So, what happened?"

"How dare you ask us what happened? You tell us what happened last night! Dont tell me that you dont know!" Lu Chongshan glared stormily at his son.

Lu Jingli shrugged innocently. "What happened last night? I organized a party."

"Dont play dumb! Someone told me...told me...that your brother kissed a man in front of everyone! This...this is ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous!" Lu Chongshan fumed.

"What...so...that's it?"

"Whats with that attitude?! This is a serious matter!"

Lu Jingli pleaded innocently, "Please, Father and Mother, it was Brother who kissed a man and not me. He stays just right beside me, so why don't you go and bother him instead of beating me up? This is so unfair!"

Lu Chongshans face darkened. "You dare say that it wasnt your idea? Who else can it be other than you? Of course, Im going to beat you up!"

Lu Jingli complained unhappily, "What the heck?! Why is it my idea now?! It was Brothers own will and action! I was shocked as well, Im a victim too!"

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi hesitated when they saw Lu Jinglis genuine expression.

Lu Jingli then continued, "And why would you think that its fake? It might be possible that my brother really likes men."

Lu Chongshan's rage surged again. "Nonsense! Im going to kill you if you keep spouting crap! Your brother already has a son, do you think he would he like a man now? And he practically turned into putty being charmed by that woman before. This must be part of his plans!"

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