Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 550

Ning Yaohua had two daughters: one real child and one fake lady.

Ning Xueluo was lucky and got married into the Su family, so no one could not take advantage of her anymore, not that they dared to. Although Ning Xi had a lower status, she still held the title of an adopted daughter. Any man who married her would somehow benefit from the union.

Everyone started asking about Ning Xi following the relative's inquiry.

"I heard that she's been playing some minor roles here and there."

"What? Just some minor roles? She rejected a proper job to go and do something like that?"

"She probably wanted to try her luck after seeing how successful Xueluo became!"

"Isnt that...overestimating herself? Does she think that just anyone can be a star? Arent you doing something about it, Lingyu?"

Zhuang Lingyus happy expression soon faded upon hearing all those comments.

Ning Xueluo held Zhuang Lingyu's hands and said kindly, "Father and Mother have always wanted her to work in the company and have even made the necessary arrangements but...Sister just doesnt want it, Uncle and Aunties. Well, as you all know, she's adopted but we should respect her own decisions!"

Some bystanders nodded. "Ah, how could the blame be put on Lingyu? Lingyu took care of her and even sent her overseas for education, thats already more than enough!"

"What can I say? This girl from that small little town doesnt know how to be grateful, theres no way to teach her! How could you compare her with Xueluo?"

"Youre right! Lingyu and Yaohua have already done their best!"

Zhuang Lingyu let out a sigh of relief, glad that no one knew that the embarrassing girl was her own biological daughter.

Her daughter, her pride of joy was only Xueluo!

With the excuse of adopted parents not being able to do much, no matter what kind of embarrassing incident Ning Xi was involved in, it would not be related to her, Zhuang Lingyu!

Outside of the Ning residence gate.

Ning Xi looked from afar. If she was to enter from the main gate, she would need an invitation card. However, no one bothered to tell her about the celebrations today, not to mention, there was no invitation card for her whatsoever.

After giving it some thought, she gave her cousin sister, Ning Tianxin, a call.

"Sis Xin!"

The voice on the other side of the phone sounded excited. "Xiao Xi, where are you? I was just about to call you. Its grandfathers birthday today, are you coming back?"

"Im already at the entrance, do you mind coming out and passing my present to grandfather?" Ning Xi asked.

"Youre already here? Even if you dont want to see anyone else, youre already here, so why not meet up with Grandfather? Grandfather talked to me about you last night and asked when you were coming back, I comforted him that youll be here today but" Ning Tianxin's sentence trailed off.

Ning Xi felt troubled by her cousin's words.

In the end, Ning Tianxin sighed, "Why don't we do it this way? You come to the back door, Ill find a chance to bring Grandfather there. You greet him yourself and give the present to him personally!"

"Youre the best, thank you, Sis Xin!" Ning Xi expressed gratefully.

Success! Ning Xi let out a sigh of relief and walked towards the back door with the jade beaded bracelet she had bought last time.

Her eyes reddened when she saw Ning Tianxin helping a white-haired old man approach her.

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