Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 555

Of course, Ning Yaohua hoped that his daughter would join the main company but he had hoped for Ning Xueluo to do so, and not Ning Xi.

To him, if Ning Xi were to join the main company, it would be a total disaster. Messing things up in the family was terrible but screwing up in the company would be utterly embarrassing. He had promised the Su family the other day that Xueluo would definitely inherit the family business!

As the three of them argued, Zhuang Lingyu went up to Ning Xi and pulled her aside. "What are you still waiting here for? Leave now! We were all good here until you came along. Its your grandfathers birthday today, do you really have to mess things up?"

Although Ning Xi looked calm, Ning Tianxin could not hold it in anymore. Despite being a meek person, she spoke up, "Big Aunt, youre not being reasonable here. Xiao Xi was just here to wish Grandfather, so in order to not alert all of you I brought Grandfather to the backyard to see her. She didnt say anything nor do anything wrong at all! How is this her fault?"

"Yes, she didnt do anything wrong but her presence itself is more than enough! And our family matters are none of your business!"

At the same time, in CEO Lu's room.

Two hours had gone by but Ning Xi was not back yet.

Little Treasure was lying there looking out of the window as usual while Lu Tingxiao started to check his phone frequently.

Lu Jingli could not stand them anymore. "Eh, can the both of you calm down? It's only been two hours!?"

Five minutes later, she was not back yet.

Lu Tingxiao picked up his phone and called Ning Xi but no one answered.

At the Ning family's residence.

Ning Xis phone suddenly rang and she saw it was Lu Tingxiao calling. She realized that more than two hours had passed.

He was probably going to ask when she was returning.

The Ning family was in an uproar now and Ning Xi was not available to pick up the call. She went up to her fuming grandfather and spoke to him gently, "Well talk about things some other day, Im just here to see you today. I have something to do later and I have to go now. Happy birthday, Grandfather!"

"What? Youre leaving now?" her grandfather asked worriedly, "Dont worry about these bastards! Grandfather is here, no one can chase you away!"

Ning Xi stroked her grandfathers back, "Grandfather, Im just a little busy lately. Otherwise, I wouldnt be here this late!"

"Xiao Xi, its my fault, I made you go through such hard times" Ning Zhiyuan thought Ning Xi was just comforting him and that she was leaving because of Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyus attitude, so he felt sorry for her.

Ning Xueluo knew that things were bad, seeing the expression on her grandfather's face.

Although the current power lay in Ning Yaohuas hands, the company's shares were still dictated by the elder, and if he favoured Ning Xi, then things would be troublesome.

She was afraid that the elder would feel sorry for Ning Xi. After all, she was still the real granddaughter, so no matter how useless or dirty Ning Xi was, a few words were all it would take to destroy everything Ning Xueluo had built up so far.

Was it because of that damned lineage?

Just because she did not have the Ning familys blood running in her, would she need to invest hundreds and thousands-fold more effort to get what Ning Xi could acquire easily?

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