Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 556

If Ning Xi became the legitimate heir, then

Ning Xueluo could not accept the thought of how she would live a life of poverty back in the poor village! Even if the Ning family kept her, she could not bear the thought of being under Ning Xi!

She was the Ning familys daughter and she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. There was no way she would allow this witch to take away all of that from her!

Thats right, she was the one and only daughter of the Ning family! Even bloodline could not change that!

Ning Xueluo took a deep breath to calm herself down, then she went up to Ning Xi and held her arms, saying in a trembling voice, "Sister, please dont leave, alright? Please dont be angry with Father and Mother! They have been preparing to announce your identity a long time ago, but you didnt want to come back and join the company

"You can put all the blame on me, its all my fault, do whatever you want to me. If you really dont want to see me here, Ill leave now! But please, sister, dont go!

"Even if you dont want to see us, think about Grandfather! Grandfather really missed you! At least take a bite of Grandfathers birthday cake! What could possibly make you miss Grandfathers birthday?"

Ning Xueluos words were phrased cleverly, indirectly blaming matters on Ning Xi, at the same time expressing her awkward position in the Ning family, and most importantly, showing how filial she was towards Grandfather

Zhuang Lingyu felt sorry for her. "Xueluo, what are you talking about? Where are you going? You shouldnt be the one leaving!"

The elder looked much kinder now, seeing Ning Xueluo ask Ning Xi to stay as well. Of course, he would not chase Ning Xueluo away, so he went along with her. "Xiao Xi, it's such a rare occasion that youre back. Stay for a while more, alright?"

Ning Xi looked at the elders eyes silently, and in the end, she nodded. "Okay."

It was already clear that she would disappoint him by never fulfilling his wish of giving birth to a great-grandchild for him.

It would be impossible for her to go back to the Ning family or to join the company, so she was not cruel enough to decline his simple request uppfront.

"Thats great! Come inside! Its cold outside!" The elder delightedly went back into the house with the help of Ning Tianxin and Ning Xi.

Ning Xueluo was left behind. She gave them a cold stare when she saw Ning Tianxin and Ning Xi helped Ning Zhiyuan back inside.

Seeing that the elder was settled, Zhuang Lingyu let out a sigh of relief. She walked up to Ning Xueluo kindly and held her hands apologetically. "Xueluo, it must be hard for you!"

No matter what happened at home, she was always mature and cared about everyones feelings.

Ning Yaohua felt heartbroken for her as well. He sighed, "Xueluo, dont take it personally, your grandfather just missed Xiao Xi too much and was excited. He did not mean what he said, Im still in charge of the company right now, don't worry!"

"Thank you, Father, Mother...I understand!"

After Grandfather had calmed down, Ning Xi sent Lu Tingxiao a message: [I need to stay here with my grandfather for a little while more. Will be late. Take Little Treasure back home first, Ill pick him up from Platinum Palace later.]

Lu Tingxiaos face fell when he read her message in his office.

Lu Tingxiao understood that no matter how strong Ning Xi looked, she still had her soft spot, which was the Ning family.

He knew a thing or two about what had happened to her in the Ning family

Although Ning Xi sounded casual in the text message, how could he be not worried about leaving her alone at that place?

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