Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 559

Ning Yaohuas gift was clearly a case of insincere splurging. On the other hand, Ning Xueluos present exuded effort in preparation.

She knew that he loved jade and was also a staunch Buddhist, so she chose to give him a jade beaded bracelet.

As Ning Zhiyuan assessed the bracelet, Ning Xueluo stood in front of him quietly.

Despite the unease in her eyes, the elder loved her very much.

Ning Xueluo had been staying with him ever since she was a child and even after it was found out that she was not his actual grandchild, he still treated her just like one of his own. He just did not like his eldest son's and daughter-in-laws attitude.

Ning Zhiyuan sighed and gently said, "Thank you for your gift, I really like it!"

Ning Xueluo looked relieved to hear her grandfathers praise. Her eyes had reddened slightly and she excitedly said, "Im glad that you like it, Grandfather!"

The old man felt sorry for her upon hearing the girls sincerity in her voice. He did not want to involve her in his argument with his son and daughter-in-law. He then advised her, "Your career is important but remember to take care of your health, especially since youre a girl. Dont overexert yourself!"

Ning Xueluo nodded heavily, feeling touched. "Got it, Grandfather!"

Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua looked at each other after they saw that the elders face was full of warmth. They looked at Ning Xueluo, their treasure and pride.

The relatives and the guests at the side started their stream of flattery

"Oh, the color of the jade looks really good. I'm guessing it costs at least two or three million dollars!"

"Thats no big deal. Xueluos brand "History" made a net profit of tens of millions just this season.

Whats more is that shes a famous superstar!"

"Elder Ning, youre really blessed! Your children and grandchildren are so capable and filial!"

In the corner, Ning Xi who was chatting with Ning Tianxin frowned when she saw Ning Xueluo's present for their grandfather.

What a coincidence!

Ning Xueluos present was just like Ning Xi's, a bracelet made of jade beads?

Her eyes met Ning Xueluos gaze.

Ning Xueluo set her eyes on the present on their table. Those cunning eyes...they looked as if she already knew what Ning Xi had planned to give and that she had purposely prepared the same thing!

Obviously, Ning Xueluos present was at least ten times more expensive than Ning Xis gift.

She intentionally wanted to embarrass her in front of everyone

Ning Xueluo put on a grin, then told the elder, "Grandfather, I heard that Sister has also got you a present!"

She innocently looked as if she was just trying to make Grandfather happy.

As Ning Xis real identity had still not been announced, Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu would be spared the blame regardless of whatever humiliating incident occurred since she was an adopted daughter to the public's knowledge . At the same time, she could make Grandfather upset with Ning Xi, hence killing two birds with one stone.

As expected, the elder did not notice Ning Xueluos real intentions. He looked at Ning Xi with joy. "Is that true, Xiao Xi?"

Ning Tianxin looked at Ning Xueluo, then turned to Ning Xi, her sharp senses warning her that something was not right. "Xiao Xi, wait"

She could not tell what Ning Xueluo was plotting but it was definitely clear that whatever it was would not help improve the relationship between Ning Xi and Grandfather, making it even more impossible for Ning Xi to shine under a positive light at an event like this.

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