Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 563

In a situation like this, it would not have been appropriate for either Zhuang Lingyu or Ning Yaohua to speak up but an outsider like Ying Fanglin was perfect for the role

Ying Fanglin started talking, "Even if it was consecrated by Master Jing Xuan, cant you get a better bracelet? Dont you think its inappropriate for the elder to wear something that cheap?"

Xi Boyi could not hold it in anymore, he did not wanted to argue with the youngsters but things were getting out of hand, "Little girl, is this bracelet not good enough? If youre talking about price, I can tell you that this is much more expensive than the one Xueluo gave!"

"What? Xueluos bracelet cost about two million dollars!" Ying Fanglin exclaimed, her eyes wide.

Even Ning Xueluo and Jin Xuanxuan were surprised, not to mention Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua. The first thing that came to their mind was, "How in the world did she have so much money? This is impossible!"

Xi Boyi explained calmly, "This bracelet is made out of high quality jadeite and what makes it rare is the fact that all the beads are from the same source, plus the color is balanced perfectly as well. Of course, it would cost more than the other!"

Ying Fanglin frowned and raised his doubts, "Elder Xi, are you sure youre not mistaken about this?"

Without waiting for Xi Boyis reaction, Ning Zhiyuan spoke up unhappily, "Dont be ridiculous, little girl. How could Elder Xi be wrong about this? Xiao Xis bracelet is more expensive."

He was trying not to embarrass Ning Xueluo earlier so he had kept quiet about it. Who knew that these ignorant brats would start rattling nonsense and he had to explain it vocally.

Even Elder Ning had already said something about it, so now everyone just had to believe it!

"Uh...that was unexpected...the adopted daughters present is more expensive than Ms. Nings! How shocking!"

"Thats awkward, they got the same present but hers lost in every aspect by comparison to the adopted daughters present"

"Well, it seems like weve underestimated this girl! She has changed so much over the past five years!"

"Ive been wanting to ask since earlier. Is she really the girl from before? I almost couldnt recognize her! She looks really pretty now!"

"Right! She didnt even look presentable even with gorgeous dresses the last time but now she has such a special aura around her now!"

Ning Xueluos face darkened instantly.

Not only was Ning Xis bracelet consecrated by Master Xuan Jing, it was...it was even more expensive than hers?

How was this possible?! The few artistes told her that they had seen Ning Xi buy a jade bead bracelet costing slightly over just a hundred thousand dollars!

What happened here?

Damn it, she had invested so much effort into this, yet in the end...she was the one who was embarrassed!

Not only did she lose in terms of the sincerity and value of the present, but she had also helped Ning Xi to shine in the limelight!

Xi Boyi patted Ning Zhiyuans back. "Eh, Zhiyuan, youre really blessed! No wonder you wanted to adopt her, shes really a good kid! Most importantly...she was able to ask for a consecration from Master Xuan Jing, a blessing indeed! Right, Zhiyuan, how old is your granddaughter now? Whats her zodiac sign? She should be around the same age as my grandson, yes?"

Ning Zhiyuan held the jade bead bracelet dearly. When he heard what Xi Boyi said, he said guardedly, "Old man, what are you trying to do? What are you plotting for my granddaughter?"

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