Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 570

Ning Xueluo was completely dumbfounded. She thought it was an assistant from the Lu Corporation who would be in the car.

If the car did not have Lu Tingxiaos personal car plate number on, she would not even have thought about his personal assistant.

Cheng Feng was one of Lu Tingxiaos most trusted personnel and had a considerable amount of power in the Lu Corporation. He did not usually appear personally and would normally send his underlings for small matters.

She was mind blown that Lu Tingxiaos brother, Lu Jingli was here!

She saw the admiration glowing in the eyes of Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Xueluos pride was boosted to its peak as she suppressed her excitement and went forward to greet the man. "Second Master"

After Ning Yaohua had calmed himself down, he put on his persona as the companys president and walked slowly towards Lu Jingli. "Welcome to our abode, Mr. Lu"

Ning Yaohua extended his hand for a handshake as he was talking halfway.

In a turquoise blue outfit, Lu Jingli simply acted as if the three of them did not exist and walked right past them, going up to Ning Xi as if he was about to cry. "Sis"

Ning Xi gave him an intense glare as sharp as throwing knives and Lu Jingli quickly stopped before he could say "sister-in-law".

Lu Jingli had an awkward expression on his face as he spoke weakly, "Xiao Xi Xi, youre finally out, Im so hungry from waiting for you. Get in the car quickly! Are you trying to lose your job by making your boss wait for so long?!"

Lu Jingli made a shift in his character by acting like her superior but it barely felt dignified at all.

Ning Xi sighed in relief. This wide-mouthed bastard. She was almost scared to death by him. When would he learn to observe the environment before he spoke?!

This bastard was still her superior by name, so she could neither hit nor scold him. She could only keep it all inside.

Lu Jingli did not mind at all and smiled at her. "Ah, are you too shocked from the fact that Im here for you personally? Its okay, I was on the way. Get in the car! Quickly!"

Lu Jingli could feel two scorching stares aimed at him and tormenting his soul, so he then quickly pushed Ning Xi into the car and closed the door swiftly.

Good! All done! Mission accomplished!

Finally, he had picked up the devil's treasure, Xiao Xi Xi!

He did not care about the expression of the three people behind him, adjusted his necktie, got into the drivers seat and drove away. The black Maybach fading out of sight

Ning Yaohua, Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Xueluo still could not believe what just happened. They just stared blankly at the direction where the car had gone off in.

The person they had been trying to greet for a long time

The Second Master of the Lu Corporation, Lu Jingli, came personally

Just...just to pick Ning Xi up?


Moreover, although Lu Jingli had sounded like he was blaming Ning Xi, his tone was rather friendly, like friends joking with each other, as if they were very close.

Zhuang Lingyu felt really embarrassed. She had only just accused Ning Xi of not doing well outside and that she was back to claim something from the family. Now, she was involved with someone like Lu Jingli

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