Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 574

When they passed by the receptionist, Ning Xi looked bitter as she mumbled, "How annoying"

"What happened?" Lu Jingli asked.

Ning Xi said, her heart aching, "There was a super cute girl as the receptionist here previously. I even gave her a box of lipstick on her first day here, we were on really good terms! She always shares some gossip with me every now and then, but then she was suddenly moved away and the current receptionist is an uncle! Ugh, Im so angry, give me back my cute girl!"

"Ugh" Lu Jinglis first reaction was to turn over to look at the calm and innocent-looking brother.

Who else would do something like that?

His brothers romantic rivals were everywhere!

It was busy enough for him to just take care of them everyday

After they went up and got out of the lift, Ning Xi walked towards her home and then abruptly stopped at the junction, suddenly stepping backwards.

"Xiao Xi Xi, what happened? Anything wrong?" Lu Jingli was confused.

Lu Tingxiao already saw someone standing in front of her door and he frowned.

Ning Xi sighed, "Su Yan."

"What? Su Yan? Your first love? What about him?"

"Hes right in front of my door!"

Lu Jingli opened his eyes wide, "What?! What is he trying to do, waiting for you outside your door at midnight? Xiao Xi Xi, Ill beat him up for you!"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at Lu Jingli, then went to Lu Tingxiao. "Help me hold Little Treasure for now, Ill go and settle whatever it is with him. Ill be quick."

Lu Tingxiao nodded. "Mmm."

Lu Jingli looked at his brothers gentle expression, impressed by his brothers calm act in front of his wife. A thunderstorm was probably brewing in his mind

Su Yan had a cigarette between his fingers as he leaned on Ning Xis door, looking deep in thought.

He only noticed Ning Xi when she was right in front of him, acknowledging her as he looked up, "Xiao Xi, youre back!"

Ning Xi nodded slightly. "Has the banquet ended?"

"Mmm, I sent Xueluo back here, so I decided to come here and pay you a visit as well. I thought youd be home a long time ago. Did something happen?" Su Yan was concerned, he did not know she was picked up by Lu Jingli.

"Nope, there was a jam. Whats up?" Ning Xi replied half-heartedly.

Lu Jingli had been talking to her all the way home, driving at the speed of a snail

"It was too busy back there just now and I didnt have time to talk to you properly." Su Yan looked at her as if he wanted to say something else.

"Its quite late already, why don't you just tell me here?"

Su Yan hesitated. "Theres something I wanted to remind you, Xiao Xi. Im afraid that it would be a little awkward if you decide to go back to the Ning family now"

"Oh? Whats awkward?" Ning Xi raised her eyebrows and questioned.

Under the dim light, her bright eyes shone beautifully. Su Yans breathing slowed down and her beauty stole his breath away. He nearly forgot what he wanted to say and only broke out of his reverie after a while

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