Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 578

Ning Xi immediately patted Little Treasure's head and defended him, "He's not too old, he's only five! What Little Treasure needs now is not to grow up. What he needs is to return bit by bit to being four years old, three years old, two years old...he needs to relearn how to be a little kid!"

Lu Tingxiao sighed, then softened his tone."I'm just worried your arms will be tired."

Then, he said in a low voice, "Are you going over now?"

Ning Xi looked at the time on her phone and replied, "Mmhmm, it's almost time for the date."

Something flickered in Lu Tingxiao's eyes quite a few times before it finally returned to a steady gaze. "Go, and take care."

"I will." Ning Xi put down the little bun and gave him a big kiss as always.

Outside the CEO's office.

A manager held a stack of documents in his arms while his legs wobbled as he popped his quick-acting pill for his heart condition into the palm of his hand to prepare himself before he went in.

Behind him, Lu Jingli put an arm on the guy's shoulder and sighed as he shook his head. "Don't bother taking it out, no pill can save you. Based on my brother's mood today, if you go inside right now, you'll just die!"

The manager turned to see who it was that made such a nerve-wrecking comment. "Second Master...save me..."

"You deserve it. When my brother was still in a good mood for the past few days, you dared to be lazy, now you're in bad luck!" Lu Jingli insulted heartlessly without thinking about how he himself was the master of laziness. Only this time, he was lucky not to get caught between a rock and a hard place.

"Second Master, I still have some old folks and a few young ones to take care at home. My wife is also about to have a second child!" The manager almost got down onto his knees to plead.

"Pfft! Are you trying to trigger the bachelor in me?" Lu Jingli exploded.

"I wouldn't dare! I definitely don't mean that..." The manager looked miserable. Why did it seem like even Second Master had angry explosives for breakfast as well?

Lu Jingli scoffed a few times in exasperation and looked at his unlucky employee before saying kindly, "Don't go inside for your death row today. My brother won't have the mind to care about your issue, so quickly go settle your proposal properly before going in again!"

"Okay, okay, okay, I'll go do that immediately! Thank you, Second Master for the tip!" the manager profusely said and gratefully hurried away.

Lu Jingli pushed the door into the office.

He saw that the office had an additional tatami arranged by the window, obviously for the convenience of Little Treasure to watch for Aunty Xiao Xi's return.

Lu Jingli's mouth twitched in amusement. He could see her every day, so why was he still acting like he was waiting for her return after wins?

Then, he looked at his brother who sat solemnly in front of his desk with a pen in his right hand and some documents on his left. He seemed like he was focused on work but one look at his face and you would know that his mind was elsewhere!

Lu Jingli coughed lightly. "Bro, are you sure you want to continue pretending to be so virtuous? Pretend further and you'll lose your wife! I'm just saying, you should have simply come up with a little plan to sabotage the dude from the Xi family so that he would not make it!"

Lu Tingxiao shot him a disgusted look. "Do you think that Ning Xi wouldn't have thought that I would be the one behind such a thing?" In fact, that would not solve the root problem.

"How about...how about I help you find a woman to pretend to be that dude's ex-girlfriend or something to cause a ruckus? That way, Xiao Xi Xi could justifiably run away?" Lu Jingli continued to plague him with ideas.

"No way." The probability of being exposed on the spot was very high. No one was as careful as Lu Tingxiao; he would not use a plan with any loopholes.

"If this won't do and that won't either, what options do we have? Bro, it's not that I don't like listening to advice. Even though Xiao Xi Xi said she was just going to explain herself to him, what if that guy coincidentally turns out to be the type that Xiao Xi Xi likes? Anything is possible!" Lu Jingli said earnestly.

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