Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 580

"May the Buddha bless for this person not to be - "

Lu Jingli was about to say that he hoped this person was not Xi Shiqing but Lu Tingxiao beat him to it. "Xi Shiqing."

Lu Jingli was dumbfounded, "Woah! No way! Is he really Xi Shiqing? Thats him?"

As he was still in shock, he saw the man take his shoes off and courteously tell the waiter that he had a reservation. Then, he followed the waiter towards...Ning Xis direction

"Hello, Miss Ning?"

Ning Xi had just finished the first pot of sake and was drinking the second pot of this restaurants specially brewed cherry blossom liquor. When she heard someone speak to her in a soothing voice, she subconsciously looked up.

Ning Xis demeanour immediately loosened upping seeing the man in front of her then she stood up to say, "Yes, Im Ning Xi. Are you Mr. Xi?"

The man nodded. "Nice to meet you. Im Xi Shiqing, Im very sorry for making you wait for so long."

"No worries, have a seat. I havent waited for terribly long," Ning Xi assured him and sat down again.

Xi Shiqing took his blazer off and passed it to the waiter before sitting down as well.

Xi Shiqing sat upright, crossing his legs politely while Ning Xi, on the other hand, sat as she wish and rather boldly, with one leg bent and an arm on top of that knee. She was seated in a masculine way, unlike the regular girl who would sit down politely and behave by the rules of society.

Yet, even so, her mannerisms did not exude any rudeness at all. She wore a wide-flared pants with her favourite embroidered leather jacket. The way she sat seemed to give out a vibe of liberty and none of the rigid restrictiveness Japanese restaurants were usually known for.

Ning Xi had heard her grandfather say that the Xi family was an expert in jades and books, so the Xi family would most likely prefer gentle, friendly and knowledgeable women. Thus, to avoid unnecessary trouble, she decided to go against her better judgment and wore such an unladylike outfit.

However, her plan did not seem to be fruitful as the moment Xi Shiqing saw her, not only did he react in disgust, in fact, respect and appreciation flashed his eyes.

From behind, Lu Jingli already anxiously started to bark, "Oh man, were doomed! Those two wouldnt have met eye to eye, would they? Did you notice the look Xiao Xi Xi had when she stood up to meet Xi Shiqing? She was obviously stunned, she must have been charmed by him!

"In fact, the way Xi Shiqing looks at Xiao Xi Xi is full of admiration too! Damn it, shouldnt he prefer the type of girl who is the precious jewel of the family? Our Xi Xi dressed like a wild child today!"

Lu Tingxiao seemingly sipped his tea calmly, although that would be if you didnt notice his tensed up smile and the way his knuckles turned white from gripping the cup too tightly

Lu Jingli was still trying hard to analyze. "This Xi Shiqing is pretty tricky. Even though he is not as handsome as I am, but that charisma of his...is quite special! Even from my perspective as a man, i find it very attractive! He makes people wants to involuntarily know and befriend him! And the scariest thing is...with a personality like Xiao Xi Xis unrestrained character, there is a high probability that she would like someone like Xi Shiqing who is the total opposite of her!"

Suddenly, the cup in Lu Tingxiaos hand fell and shattered on the ground

Lu Jingli gulped, his mouth turning dry. "No, no, no...Bro, Im just simply guessing! Theres definitely no way they will end up together! Didnt Xiao Xi Xi say she already have someone she likes? She wouldnt like Xi Shiqing!"

His brothers face turned a darker shade upon hearing his words...

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