Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 585

From an outsider's perspective, the little bun could not say anything because he was crying too hard but you could actually read his lips clearly.

He was calling "mother" soundlessly again and again.

When he read the little bun's lips, Xi Shiqing dropped his cup on the floor.

Was the child l calling Ning Xi his mother?

How could this be?

No way...it was definitely impossible!

This little boy looked like he was four or five years old. How could Ning Xi have a son that old?

And this poker-faced man with a suppressing aura around him looked familiar. Where did he see him before?

Ning Xi also seemed very shocked. Could they have mistaken her for someone else?

As these thoughts flew across Xi Shiqings mind, Ning Xi stood up and quickly took the boy from Lu Tingxiao's embrace, coaxing him like her beloved baby. "Baby, don't cry, don't cry. I'm sorry, it's all my fault, don't cry, okay?"

Xi Shiqing's face went instantly pale.

In the next second, he met the gaze of the man's cold eyes.

The mans eyes were clearly filled with an instinct to attack any stranger who has invaded his possessions.

However, when he looked at Ning Xi again, his icy gaze melted into a warm river...

This man and Ning Xi...what could their relationship be?

Could it be that Ning Xi had already gotten married and given birth five years ago?

No...no way...Ning Xi was still so young five years ago...

What was going on then? Xi Shiqing was officially confused!

At that moment, Ning Xi's entire focus was on the crying little bun; she did not have the time to care about Lu Tingxiao and Xi Shiqing, so she did not notice Xi Shiqing's incredulous expressions of speculation.

Because this scene was drawing so much attention with two tensed men, a woman and a crying child, very soon more and more people started to look over.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Xi, I have to make a move first." Ning Xi carried the little bun and left the restaurant in a rush. Because the little bun crying had caused her to panic, she had even forgotten to take her bag and handphone.

Lu Tingxiao carefully helped her gather everything, then followed her and even settled the bill for their table.

Xi Shiqing remained at the same spot for a few seconds before running after them.

Outside, Ning Xi carried the little boy and stood on the pavement. The night was cold outside and the man took his blazer off to put it on her shoulders.

The three of them looked like they were in perfect harmony with no space for anyone to cut in...

Ning Xi really tried hard to console Little Treasure until the little bun was finally calmer. Because he had cried so hard earlier, he kept hiccuping, so Ning Xi gently patted his back and tenderly kissed his cheek to continue reassuring him.

"Why were you and Little Treasure here?" Ning Xi asked Lu Tingxiao when Little Treasure was much better.

"Little Treasure missed you, so I brought him here to see you," Lu Tingxiao lied smoothly without any change in expression.

The truth was that he obviously brought Little Treasure over.

When Ning Xi heard this, she felt even more guilty. All the while, Little Treasure didn't appear because he was sitting behind, silently watching her from afar?

Was he crying so sadly because he saw her having dinner with another man and thought that she was going to be taken away?

Ning Xi naturally thought of this as the read he was crying.

Lu Tingxiao saw Ning Xi's expression and knew that she believed him, so he breathed a sigh of relief.

Otherwise, if she knew that he had brought Little Treasure out himself and that the little bun had only cried after Lu Jingli's nonsense, the consequence would be...

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