Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 593

Ning Xi mumbled quietly, "You did something similar to me just now. So, are we even now?"

Lu Tingxiao gave it some thought, then he nodded, "Fine, were even."

Ning Xi let out a sigh of relief.

However, something still felt odd. This was not right...how was this even? She was the one who was at a disadvantage!

Whatever! She was the one who rolled over. Had it not been for that, what Lu Tingxiao did after would not have happened

"Well...Boss, can you get up? I need to go and make breakfast!" Ning Xi asked weakly, trying to make an escape.

Lu Tingxiao did not act right away. He looked her into her eyes instead, staring intensely.

Ning Xi had no idea how she looked like at that moment.

The girls cheek blushed attractively, her lips slightly swollen from the passionate kissing. Her pajamas were crumpled and her long raven black hair billowed out on the feathered pillow like ink

Lu Tingxiao started to question how was it possible that he had been containing his wild intentions all this while.

"Lu Tingxiao?" Ning Xi asked uncertainly, feeling creeped out by his laser stare.

Lu Tingxiao returned to his usual self and propped himself up. Ning Xi shot away like a rabbit

She quickly served a nutritious spread for breakfast, then proceeded to call both Lu Tingxiao and the little bun to the table.

The little bun looked really overjoyed today, his face shone brighter than usual and he ate a lot more than his usual portion.

A moment ago, Ning Xi still regretted having Lu Tingxiao stay over last night after reflecting on how inappropriate it was but she changed her mind upon seeing how happy Little Treasure was.

The little bun was always top priority in her heart and nothing mattered as long as he was happy.

After breakfast, Lu Tingxiao read the newspaper on the sofa as the little bun sat beside him and communicated to him through his writing board while holding a book from Ning Xi despite not understanding its contents.

They both painted a warm portrait together under the sun, emitting a calm aura that brought a sense of love and kinship to anyone who watched them.

Suddenly, Ning Xis phone rang.

Ning Xi took a look at her phone and was surprised to see that it was her grandfather calling

Lu Tingxiao noticed that something was amiss, so he asked, "What happened? Who's that calling?"

"It's my grandfather!" Ning Xi frowned. Did they not settle everything last night? Did Grandfather change his mind?

Ning Xi chewed on her lip and picked up the call nervously. "Hello, Grandfather"

"Xiao Xi! I've got something to ask you. Are you hiding anything from me?" the elder asked her directly in an oddly grave tone.

Ning Xi replied, "Ah? What do you mean? Nothing out of the ordinary has happened!"

"I'm talking about Xi Shiqing!"

Ning Xi had a bad feeling when she heard the name. Could Xi Shiqing have broken his promise and said something he shouldn't have?

Impossible, he did not look like someone who would break a promise!

"Grandfather, what happened to Mr. Xi? I really dont know what you're talking about!"

The elder sounded fairly angry as he berated her, "You dont? Then, can you explain to me why he decided to become a monk after meeting you yesterday?!"


What did Grandfather just say?

Ning Xi was startled and she almost dropped the phone. "Grandfather, what are you talking about? Become a monk???"

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