Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 597

Ning Xi took a deep breath then walked towards him.

Xi Shiqing closed the scripture he was holding and looked up when he heard some footsteps.

Xi Shiqings eyes were tranquil, he did not react much even after he saw who had come in.

"Benefactress Ning"

Ning Xi felt immensely helpless against him. He was so determined, even using "benefactress" to address her now!

Ning Xi pinched the space between her eyebrows, sitting right across Xi Shiqing as she released a long sigh, "Bro, what are you doing? Why have you suddenly decided to become a monk?"

"I made this decision after quite a long consideration. If you, Benefactress Ning, are here to persuade me, you may leave now."

"Is it because of me?" Ning Xi asked directly.

"It was all my decision, it is unrelated to anyone."

Ning Xi took a deep breath and probed further, "May I know why? Even if it was because of what happened last night when you found out that theres someone else whom I like, you dont have to go so far. This is too illogical"

"Everything is just momentary. A moment of heaven, a moment of hell, a moment of life, a moment of death."

Ning Xi was on the verge of crying. "Dear Lord, can you please speak like a normal person?"

She was feeling genuinely terrified!

"Benefactress Ning, if you feel guilty, you dont have to because it truly is my own decision," Xi Shiqing replied.

"What about your parents and your grandfather? Dont you care about them anymore? Theyve been with you through the years and now you just suddenly decided to become a monk and desert them?"

"This is my fate. They still have Shixuan."

Ning Xi recalled him mentioning that he had a younger brother.

He really had everything well thought out and was fully resolved to become a monk!

"My Lord, Mr. Xi, Qingqing? Can you please give it some more thought? Becoming a monk is not a trivial matter! Three days! Just wait three more days to think it over. Its not too late to make your decision by then!" Ning Xi tried to persuade him.

"Ive already finalized my decision. Please return now and from now on, you may address me by my Buddhist name, Yuanqing." Xi Shiqing gestured for her to exit the room.

"Yuanqing...Xi Shiqing! Why are you being so stubborn?" Ning Xis eyes were burning with rage and frustration. He looked so soft and gentle but he sure was stubborn like an ox!

She almost wanted to knock him out and bring him back by force!

Xi Shiqing still did not move an inch, sitting in his place like an old rock.

Ning Xi was already tired from all the talking but she was still not able to persuade him. Suddenly, she got another phone call from her grandfather.

Ning Xi went out of the room to pick up the call. "Hello, Grandfather"

"Xiao Xi, what took you so long? How did it go?"

Ning Xis heart sank with disappointment in herself. "Im sorry, Grandfather, Ive tried my best, but...its not working"

The elder sighed, "Well, I expected this to happen. Come back here, Xiao Xi!"

Ning Xi ground out between her teeth, "Dont worry, Grandfather. Please wait for a little while. Go and find someplace to rest and have a meal, Ill try again."

"Okay...dont overexert yourself! And wait, Uncle Xi wants to talk to you."

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