Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 600

Coming from a wealthy family, he had never faced any obstacles since he was young. He never had anything he particularly desired either because as long as he mentioned it, it would be his. This led to him developing a personality that neither fought nor begged for anything. Life, to him, seemed to be something that he was indifferent to.

His existence in this world felt like an identity of an outsider's. Until Ning Xi's appearance...and her appearance once again five years later...

It had completely shattered that layer which dissociated him with the world. It made him long for something for the first time. Precisely because it was too precious, he felt intense despair when he lost it.

He had thought that in this lifetime, there was nothing else he wanted anymore.

When he came to look for Master Xuan Jing and asked him to accept him as a disciple, Master Xuan Jing had even agreed to help him with the tonsure of his hair because his state of mind at that period of time was absolutely void of worldly temptations.

But now, because of her single action, she had completed pulling him back into this dreadful worldly realm...

Perhaps, she really was his fated inexorable doom!

Xi Shiqing's expression revealed hints of his compromise to accept his fate.

Seeing Xi Shiqing's resignation, Ning Xi secretly let out an exhalation of relief, knowing that she had succeeded.

"Going home?" Ning Xi looked at him with a tilt of her head.

"I have to go to speak to Master Xuan Jing."

When Ning Xi heard this, alarms rang in her head. She quickly offered, "I'll accompany you!"

She had finally manage to pull him back after so much effort. His talking to Master Xuan Jing might undo her hard work!

Xi Shiqing wanted to tell her that there was no need but by looking at the determination in her pair of fiery eyes, he could empathize with her concern, so he just let her tag along.

In the hall.

Master Xuan Jing seemed unsurprised by Xi Shiqing's arrival. However, when he saw Ning Xi behind him, his gaze became broody.

"Abbot, my apologies, this disciple of yours is not done with the worldly realm yet; my state of mind has not calmed down to a steady flow. I feel I don't have the right to be part of the monastery at this point in time."

In front of the master himself, Ning Xi actually felt slightly guilty. After all, this was because of her cunning tricks. Aside from the fact that Xi Shiqing was not yet a monk, he was still at an age where, as a high-spirited young man, his state of mind was still fleeting. There were not many who could actually withstand such temptations in the world, especially if they had yet to experience them.

Thankfully, Xuan Jing did not ask further or make any attempts of convincing him. "Everything has been predestined. You may go now."

Ning Xi watched this wise old monk in front of her and felt a little curious.

Was this the fabled Master Xuan Jing?

The one who gave that jade bead bracelet which had an affinity with her?

Hah! She finally met the person himself. Now, if he could help her check on her luck, whether blessed or ill, that would be great!

Hmm, perhaps it was best to forget it. To let a master of his level investigate her luck was no different than asking a legendary God-like character to wipe out a small village and to get rid of minions.

Just then, Xuan Jing unexpectedly initiated the conversation. "Young benefactress, is there anything I can help you with?"

"Uhh, me?" Since Xuan Jing had asked first, Ning Xi decided to be thick-skinned and just ask anyway. At most, she would just be rejected. "Master, you really are observant! Indeed, I...well it's like this, I keep feeling restless recently. I wonder if, Master, you could offer me some words of wisdom?"

When Xuan Jing heard this, his bright eyes evaluated her briefly, then he whispered something to the monk beside him.

Soon after, that monk brought over a pen and paper.

Then, Xuan Jing started to write on the paper with the calligraphy pen. After he finished, Ning Xi held up the paper to look and was stunned.

The master had not written any words. Instead, he had drawn a flower!

What could that possibly mean?

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