Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 602

Did this mean that he changed his mind and is not becoming a monk anymore?

Mother Xi's eyes welled up, she could not hold it in anymore and started to hug her son and cry, "Qingqing, you frightened me!'

Father Xi rejoiced as well and took Ning Xi's hands to say, "Xiao Xi, thank you! Thank you!"

If it hadn't been for Ning Xi, he would have lost both his wife and son to the monastery!

"Xi! How did you manage to advise Shiqing?" Elder Xi asked emotionally.

"Yeah, Xiao Xi, Aunty really doesn't know how to thank you!"

Obviously, Ning Xi could not tell them outright how she did it, so she quickly waved her hand and coughed, "Uncle, Aunty, Grandfather Xi, I didn't actually do anything. When I went there, Mr. Xi had already been moved by your bits of advice. All of it was your doing, not mine!"

"Sweet child, you're too humble!" Mother Xi looked at the girl in front of her with her bright eyes, pearly white teeth, and simple dressing. The more she looked at her, the more she liked what she saw.

In fact, no one could move her son with any advice, yet, this girl had done it. It only confirmed that her son's feelings towards this girl were definitely out of the ordinary.

If she could matchmake the two of them, then she would not have to worry about her son having any thoughts of becoming a monk again.

"Xiao Xi, come to our house for dinner tonight! No matter what, this time I must thank you properly!"

Elder Xi nodded firmly. "This is a must!"

Elder Ning observed the mannerisms of the Xi family, knowing what they were thinking, and he naturally was happy about it as well.

At the same time, in the black car outside the Buddhist temple.

"Bro, I'm back! Don't worry, Sister-in-law has settled everything in her majorly cool way! All unscathed!" Lu Jingli intentionally put on a relaxed grin and spoke as if nothing odd had happened as he reported to his brother.

However, when Lu Tingxiao's unpredictable eyes shot a look at him, Lu Jingli shuddered for no reason. "What is it, Bro?"

He really held onto sealing his steadfast lips and did not blurt anything.

Lu Tingxiao's eyes squinted, his gaze piercing through one's soul. He asked quietly, "All left unscathed?"

"Uhh, yeah! What's wrong?" Lu Jingli said innocently.

"Tell me the truth." The air around Lu Tingxiao suddenly stilled.

Lu Jingli blinked his eyes and said in the sincerest tone, "Bro, I'm telling the truth! Sister-in-law did not agree to any of Xi Shiqing's unreasonable requests at all. The truth about last night didn't even come out! Isn't this deemed leaving unscathed?"

Haha, how could he tell the truth and dig his own grave?

From an outsider's point of view, Ning Xi's trick was smart and cool but to Lu Tingxiao, that would definitely be seen as a lightning strike that could level an entire city!

The worst thing was that he had not stopped her in time because he was stunned by what he had seen! Just this one scene he witnessed could send him to death a hundred times!

"Don't let me ask a second time." The moment Lu Tingxiao warned him, the air pressure dropped and it felt like the instant before a tornado hits.

Initially, he did not want to think too much about it but he knew Lu Jingli too well. The calmer the man seemed, the higher the plausibility was that something had happened. In fact, it most likely was not something small.

Lu Jingli had seen Lu Tingxiao in a similar current situation once, many years ago. That was when Lu Tingxiao had rearranged the entire family's internal structure and questioned everyone to find out who was the mole. Even the mole lost it on the spot when confronted with his quaking anger!

Lu Jingli trembled as he thought to himself, "Damn it! I am your biological brother. Do you have to use that style of criminal interrogation with me? Where's your humanity?!"

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